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Buy those ten libido-enhancing foods so that you will be sure you’re more in the mood for bedroom firework than a game of snoring. 1. Cayenne “Red pepper provides long-lasting erections, powerful ejaculations and orgasms instense,” says food writer Kate Percy. Red pepper acts as a vasodilator hangover. It relaxes your blood vessels and increases the oh-so important blood flow to the penis. 2. Shallots Yoga practitioners prefer to eat onions gene, because they can be as hyper-sexual of. Iranian research gives equal. Then they let rats drink onion juice, they saw their testosterone levels as much as tripled. 3. Watermelon An American study showed that the amount of the amino acid citrulline six pieces of watermelon is enough to relax your blood vessels. Including the blood vessels in your penis. Need we say more? 4. Romaine lettuce Romaine lettuce is packed with beta carotene. Your body converts this substance into vitamin A, essential for the production of testosterone. Guys who do not get enough vitamin A ingestion do not enter puberty, and men who consume too few have a low testosterone level. 5. Whole wheat pasta “Whole grain pasta is rich in minerals and vitamins,” said Percy. A serving of cooked whole wheat spaghetti provides more than the half RDA of selenium. This protects your testosterone-producing cells from the heavy metals that you ingest daily. 6. Chocolate If you eat cocoa in the form of pure chocolate it relax blood vessels, thereby almost immediately and will probably give your penis an erection easily. The less sugar you ingest while, the stronger the effect. 7. Cauliflower Cauliflower is indole-3-carbinol, which brings your testosterone level in the elevator. 8. Celery When you eat celery you become sexually attractive to women. In the vegetable is androstenone, a testosterone-like substance that emanates from your skin. In experiments, especially young women respond positively to men with a high concentration of androstenone around. 9. Oysters For your testosterone production zinc is indispensable. You need 15mg of the metal daily. The best natural source? Oysters. A serving of 85 grams gives you ten times of what you need daily. 10. Natto In each Toko there is natto. It is made of gefermenteede soy and contains the most active form of vitamin K that we know: vitamin K7.


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Happy Eater ehh Easter;) No excuses anymore, you have enough time for fitness and working on your body these days. But without the proper nutrition your body can not grow. These three protein shakes are suited for the right muscle growth. In theory it is very simple to build muscles: lift you drowsy and eat more calories than you burn. Unfortunately, the reality is something more complicated and heavier. You have to follow a strict workout routine, and very much (healthy!) Food. The latter is where many men fail, according to Brian St. Pierre, sports dietitian and nutrition coach at Precision Nutrition. ” Many men do not realize how much they need to eat to get into muscle, ” he says. The solution: drink a super protein shake daily – a healthy, lean muscle building meal prepares a fast and quick throw back. ” Adding a super protein shake to your diet is one of the habits we teach men who want to build muscle mass, ” said Brian. The super protein shakes provides milk, protein powder, fruits, vegetables, nuts and ice and therefore contain everything you need to build muscle. And 400 to 700 calories per glass, equivalent to a whole meal. ” The shakes are packed with nutrients to build muscle: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, “” Brian explains. And perhaps more important, super protein shakes are incredibly simple, it takes little time to prepare and be you do not have a kitchen prince. ” All you have to do is put everything in the blender, turn on and wait a few seconds. “” You also have a good understanding of what exactly you get inside. ” Most of the ready-made smoothies and shakes are packed with sugar and contain incomplete proteins, ” said Brian. ” You have these super protein shakes full control over the nutritional values ​​you get in. ” Still not convinced? A super protein shake contains as many nutrients as a classic muscle growth meal with meat, rice, vegetables only prepared this shakes in a lot less time. How to make a super protein shake? Step 1: Pour 350 ml of water or milk in a blender. If you arrive, use whole milk – it contains more calories and protein. Step 2: Add 1 or 2 scoops of protein powder. Animal protein powder contains more of the amino acid leucine compared to vegetable protein powders are made from soy, hemp and rice. So try whey protein powder, casein protein powder or a combination. Choose two scoops if your goal is to build a lot of muscle mass. Step 3: Add 1 or 2 hands to vegetables. There is no easier way to get inside your RDA vegetables. Spinach and kale add almost no flavor to your shake, but provide you with the vitamins and minerals that are essential to remain healthy and are essential for building muscle. Alternate with pumpkin (good combo with vanilla protein powder) and beetroot (goes well with chocolate protein powder). Step 4: Add 1 or 2 hands fruit. Bananas and blueberries are typical fruit to add to shakes and smoothies. Try also apples, cherries, dates, pineapple and mango chunks. Step 5: Finally, add a half to one portion of healthy fat. Walnuts, cashews and almonds make you shake and add calories, and provide you with healthy fats. Use the nutrition table on the packaging to see how many notes you need for one serving. The super protein shakes recipes that you can alternate: Mixed berry protein shake Mixed berry protein shake Ingredients 350 ml of water 1 handful of spinach 220g mixed berries (frozen) 120 grams of yogurt 2 scoops vanilla whey protein 1 teaspoon walnuts 1 teaspoon flaxseed Nutrition 500 calories 57 g protein 54 g carbohydrate 14 g fiber 11 g fat Chocolate Shake Deluxe Chocolate Shake Deluxe Ingredients 350 ml of water 2 scoops chocolate whey protein 200g seedless cherries 1 handful of spinach 1 teaspoon walnuts 1 teaspoon flaxseed 1 teaspoon chocolate powder Nutritional values 530 calories 56 g protein 13 g fat 47 g carbohydrate 9 g fiber Super Combo shake Super Combo shake Ingredients 350 ml of water scoops chocolate whey protein 1 banana 1 handful of spinach 2 tsp peanut butter 1 teaspoon cocoa powder Nutritional values 585 calories 59 g protein 22 g fat 38 g carbohydrates, 8 g fiber

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Low libido? Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction or want to avoid this, it’s important to keep your diet on that suit. Nutrition is an important factor in terms of sex, it is also the fuel that allows us to function. We recently gave you some tips about how to ‘Eat yourself masculine‘ But do you also want to know what you should eat less to function well between the sheets? Read on! 1. Sugar Studies show that after a sugar boost testosterone levels decreased by 25%. If your testosterone decreases, thus decreasing the need for sex. 2. Canned Food Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is used in hard plastic and cans. It can reach this way in small amounts in our food. Men who are regularly exposed to BPA four times more likely to have erectile dysfunction and seven times more likely to have problems with ejaculation. 3. Soybeans A study by Harvard University showed that too much soy can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because estrogen properties of the bean lowers testosterone levels. 4. Salt High sodium intake ensures a contribution of high blood pressure, which can cause erectile dysfunction according to a recent study by Tulane University. Blood is now once necessary in order to get an erection. 5. Trans Fats Trans fat is an unsaturated fat that is more bad for your health than saturated fat. The majority of trans fat in food is created in the factory. Comes naturally trans fat found in dairy products and meat from ruminants, mainly as a VA. These can be the cause of heart and vascular disease. Successful erections are dependent on a functioning heart, so reduce trans fats.

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A higher libido, muscle growth and less female hormones, I’m always looking for that kind of delicacy & healthy products. My whole life I’ve been touched by the sporting environment, it still does. But mostly, after that 1 great weekend or by the cause of Get Addicted, the healthy lifestyle wants therefore sometimes lose out. But never mind, at least, fortunately, I have my Omega-3, Multi-Men and Maca capsules, but I discovered more and of course I share it with you! Grapes for active sperm Eat a few red grapes daily to gve your sperm a boost: the skin contains resveratrol, what makes sperm more active. Chinese researchers found that the equivalent of 500mg – this is in some 5-10gr grape skins – was enough to produce more testosterone and can make swimmers faster eh .. swimming. Tuna for a higher libido Maybe the scent of tuna is not a suitable choice for a first date, but in return it has the best dose of vitamin D. This vitamin can increase your testosterone up to 90%, discovered the Medical University Graz in Austria. This is because the libido killer Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) tie the velcro. A can of tuna contains 100% of your RDA. Avocados to lubricate your pipes Bad cholesterol clogging not only your veins, it can also cause erectile dysfunction and poor blood circulation in your lower regions. Penn State University found than men who ate a lot of monounsaturated fat (found in avocados nuts and vegetable oils) had less bad cholesterol and more testosterone. Avocado’s with slices of smoked salmon on a bagel is your best wingman. Pomegranate for more potential The International Journal of Impotence Research writes that 47% of impotent men saw improvement when they drank a glass of pomegranate juice daily. This is probably because the fruit is packed with antioxidants. Garlic for muscle preservation Garlic contains allicin, a substance that lowers the stress hormone cortisol. “Cortisol competes with testosterone for the same place in your muscle cells,” says nutritionist Alan Gordon. Dump your cortisol, the testosterone can go to work. Moreover, garlic contains allicin when you eat it raw. Honey for a better blood circulation It is called so for a reason ‘honeymoon’. Honey contains the mineral boron, a substance that is associated with a high level of testosterone. Honey also stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, says Gordon. “This causes your arteries can dilate. So blood flows more easily to the places where it belongs. Four teaspoons of honey can increase nitric oxide in the body by half. ” Milk for a slimmer physical The University of Pittsburgh found that obese men have more estrogen in their bodies. Boost your testosterone level with milk: the amino acids in the milk beverage improve the production of the anabolic hormone that build muscle and burn fat. Cabbage to wash away your female hormones The king of vegetables. Cabbage is packed with a compound called indole-3-carbinol, which works against female hormones in your body. Healthy men who eat a daily 500mg of the substance, are halving the estrogen level in their body’s. As a result, the testosterone was working effectively;)

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Food and art are closely related than you might think. Consider sushi. Small carefully prepared works of art that taste even better than they look. If you look at it as a sushi chef not only a gifted cook, but also an artist. According to the real sushi master what they do is not an ordinary job, it’s a religion. Respect for the ingredients and tradition. This wonderful video gives you a look behind the scenes and shows how it is to work under a man who lives for sushi.

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You ever wondered if the bartender just ‘tonic’ minds, instead of gin and tonic? Or maybe you stand every Saturday again for hours to hang out at the bar before you get your drink? Three bartenders told us the secrets of their work behind the bar. 1. Ice = best friend? It’s nice that your cocktail is cold, but some bartenders are very excited with the ice. Are they doing this so you end up with less alcohol in your glass? Probably not, says Scott Young, founder of TheBartendingMasters.com. In his life Young has already poured about 900,000 drinks. “Most pubs have the amount of drink you get predefined in your glass. Whether you have much or little ice in your glass, the amount of drink is the same. ” That said there is a reason that a lot of ice being thrown into your drink. A glass full of ice gives you the idea that you drink will be watery soon, so you drink it faster and order a new one Young explains. 2. They sometimes pay less alcohol than you think Sometimes the idea that whiskey-coke consists mainly of coke? That could be right said Hanna, barmaid in a big city. She sometimes gave deliberately less alcohol when I have the impression that you’ve enough. But what is enough? “A double tongue and poor motor skills are good indicators,” said Wachtel cocktail expert April. According to her bartenders taking always err on the side of caution. They will first observe the person before they decide to pour less alcohol. 3. They want eye contact When you as a backward stand shouting or waving, they will really not quickly come to you. Do you want the attention of a bartender or woman? Stand as close as possible to the bar and try to look at him or her. Show that you are ready to order. 4. Some bartenders are allowed to drink on the job, so buy a shot for them It is there in the pub / bar / club you are. If it can, you offer a drink from the bartender or woman. Opt for a shot. They will not feel at ease when they are about to sip on wine or beer – a shot is easy, they will appreciate it. 5. They tell other pubs about your misconduct Once making a fuss walk into a pub, when you had about six too much? Big chance that the adjacent bars know you to. ‘Misbehave in my bar? I tell it absolutely against the bar owners in the neighborhood,” says Hanna. 7. They are professional flirts They already have a lot of vamps see failing, so you can use them to succeed yours. For example, write a puzzle on a beer mat, and let the bartender deliver it the nice lady on the other side of the bar. Tell him that he can pour a drink if she solves the riddle. “You give her a job where she focuses her attention on. So she is not immediately concerned with whether you are cute enough for her, “says Young. 8. They appreciate gratuity According to Young you should assume a 20 percent tip if the service is good. “Bartenders life for the tip,” says Young. Ten cents gratuity for each beer does not pay the rent. Tipping in cash shall be most appreciated, even if you pay with your debit card. Want the best service, and you know that you just keep drinking there? Then put a note of 20 on the bar at the beginning of the evening. So you’re sure you’re going to be well served throughout the evening.

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This little soup is a true wonder weapon and part of the traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as pizza to Italy. The ingredients are simply powerful: Fresh coriander is good for the stomach, the Vitamin C of the lime helps with colds and the zinc in the beef makes for a strong immune system and reduces inflammation. This combination is unbeatable and helps against flu-like infections, abdominal pain and grief. Pho is a typical vietnamese street food and more of a breakfast. Below we will tell you how to make the perfect Pho with beef. Ingredients -1.5 kg bone and meat for cooking the broth -2-3 star anise -1-2 cinnamon sticks -1 large onion -a piece of fresh ginger -500g rice noodles -300g beef (or beef rump or sirloin steak) -1 bunch spring onions -about 4-5 stalks Thai basil, mint and coriander -Mung sprouts -1 small chilli -1-2 limes (untreated) -1-6 tablespoons fish sauce -Salt & pepper Preparation Place the washed meat in a large pot (2-3 liters) and bring it to a boil. Peel the ginger and onion, fry it in a pan and then add it to the broth. Let the whole thing simmer for at least two hours at medium heat. Then add the star anise and cinnamon stick and let it boil for about an hour. In between season with salt and pepper. Take out the meat, the bone and the vegetables after about three to four hours. Loosen the soup meat and put it aside. Season the broth and possibly season again with salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of fish sauce. Cut the beef with a sharp knife into thin strips and put it aside. Cook the rice noodles according to package directions in salted water. Meanwhile wash mint, coriander and Thai basil. Pluck the leaves and chop them. Cut the spring onions and the chilli into small rings. Wash and cut the lime into quarter. Wash the sprouts. Almost done: Place the rice noodles, sprouts and cooked soup meat in a large bowl or deep dish, add the herbs and scallions. Subsequently, add the thin, raw beef slices and douse everything with the hot broth. The meat will very tender after few minutes. Finally refine with lime pieces and the chili rings. Enjoy!

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It is still premature to speak of a trend, but this way of breakfast is gaining popularity: the breakfast salad. Have you ever considered it?
With the proper salad you kill two birds with one stone!”
The sources that we keep an eye on in this world, are increasingly reporting it. And actually it is not crazy, a salad for breakfast. If you compose your salad good, it is simple and quick to make, nutritious and tasty.   breakfast salad 3   It probably withhold you to build a salad on the early morning, because iof your habit. Our climate may also play a role in it, particularly in the winter. Your early morning walk in the kitchen, it’s still dark and cold outside, you probably tend more to a cup of tea and brown bread with peanut butter than a salad. Abroad this way comes to breakfast much more common, especially in hot countries. If you are on holiday in Greece, it is not unusual for you to order or create a Greek salad at breakfast. breakfast salad The key of course is to create a salad that suits you, ie provides for your needs. In terms of taste, the best is to choose for neutral ingredients which is better for your empty stomach in the early morning. In the morning, red onion, pickles or processed garlic in your salad, seems not a good idea. In contrast: with a base of lettuce, some nuts, avocado and cucumber you have a fine and fairly neutral start. Fresh summer salad with green beans, spinach leaves and eggs on white wooden background, selective focus By adding ingredients like a boiled egg and cottage cheese, you not only more taste in your salad; you also ensures that you have a significant portion of the by you desired substances such as proteins. To top it all for some extra flavor; you can go for a splash of olive oil but if you like sweet flavors in the morning you can add vinegar (which is often available with slightly sweet raspberry flavor). Of course you can also process fresh vegetables in your salad.

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When it comes to drinks, we are not averse for a little experiment or a special cocktail. In that case we have to try a special new drink sometimes. The following six drinks are so bizarre that …. well, you want to try them for that very reason indeed. Peanut Butter & Jam bourbon These drinks are so genial that you have to try them! Bourbon, always good. What if you add it to the classic peanut butter and jelly taste? Well, say it: bourbon with taste of blueberry and peanut butter. Maybe you tend to try it! Bacon Cake Liqueur These drinks are so genial that you have to try them! Bacon cake: an amazing delicacy. If you’re really fond of, you have to drink it to. A soft drink producer once said, “a little strange, but nice.” Pizza Beer These drinks are so genial that you have to try them! Yep, it really exists: pizza beer. A pizza baker was looking for the ideal beer to drink while eating his pizza. That beer wasn’t excist in his opinion so he created it: Mamma mia! Pizza Beer. This beer includes fresh oregano and garlic. Bacon Vodka These drinks are so genial that you have to try them! Maybe the most masculine drink that you don’t know? A traditional vodka based with simply potatoes flavored with real bacon. Bacon Vodka makers emphasize that all the ingredients are purely and quality. Critics seem to agree with it, because this bacon vodka is generally excellent. Yogurt Liqueur These drinks are so genial that you have to try them! Yogurito is a truly Dutch product that nevertheless is sold exclusively in Japan. So you will have to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun to try it.

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Recipe muscle building Chinese soup Not one, but two, no three sources of protein complement this soup! Ingredients (for two servings) 800ml chicken stock -Handful of frozen peas -1 chilli pepper -160g baby spinach -3 eggs -Six heads of scallion -1 tbsp soy sauce -1 tbsp sesame oil Preparation 1. Bring the chicken stock to a boil, then add the peas. Slice the chilli pepper into small pieces and put it in the pan, along with the baby spinach. 2. Once the spinach is violence and the peas are warmed up, you flip open the eggs and add them to the pan. 3. Cut the spring onions and add it in the pan, along with the soy sauce and sesame oil. And it’s done! Nutrition Per Serving 295 calories, 19 g protein, 10 g carbohydrate, 5g of fat (of which 3g saturated)