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Never miss your morning workout

11 January 2016

11 January 2016 462

These five tricks will ensure that you never miss a morning workout. Get up and go, go, go! Keep your...

People are awesome – Fitness edition

9 January 2016

9 January 2016 4

What about you? The motivation is at a high scolding here right know! And if you get a down, here...

2016 Six pack? This is what to do!

3 January 2016

3 January 2016 1,644

The six pack is the definition of being bit, not really but almost all men desire the 6pack above all...

Cardiotraining for men with muscles

2 January 2016

2 January 2016 196

Will cardio and strength go together? If you do those exercises it will. It has always been a question for...

14 things that fitchicks don’t admit

30 December 2015

30 December 2015 401

Thanks to the magazine Women’s Health, now we know what’s going on in the female brain in the gym. You...

Gym Wildlife; Hilarious

29 December 2015

29 December 2015 21

“The Gym. Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness. Today we will take a look into this strange place...

6 Fitness lessons from Star Wars

29 December 2015

29 December 2015 357

We’d argue the whole Star Wars series not only features some of the greatest films of all time, but is...

Test how fit you really are;)

19 September 2015

19 September 2015 20

There have been men who did one of these four tests, then they sweated waterfalls, began to cry and even...

Your personal coach Josefine Forsberg

14 August 2015

14 August 2015 607

Man we just found… ok again.. we just found the name of Josefine Forsberg, huh?. Yes, her pictures are really...