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5 rules for showing up without socks

28 July 2015

28 July 2015 552

If you continue walking without socks there are some rules that you must know. Do not impair your style on...

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch

25 July 2015

25 July 2015 20

It has watch geeks gushing, for good reasons. The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch, a pure R&D timepiece not intended...

Classy Men Style #1

12 July 2015

12 July 2015 545

It’s time to give you your daily dose of casual and business style inspiration! My biggest passion is visiting places,...

Watch on your wrist – ARTYA SON OF A GUN

10 July 2015

10 July 2015 395

We’ve featured some pretty awesome timepieces before in our watch on your wrist section but these ones will definitely blow...

Classy Men Style – Succes Edition

1 July 2015

1 July 2015 104

I wanna say thanks to all my lovely followers, men & women! Get Addicted is exactly 6 weeks online now...


25 June 2015

25 June 2015 1,416

Always wanted to know how our underwear is made? JBS gives away there secrets in this marketing comercial. Enjoy a...

Hublot $300,000 MP-05 LaFerrari

19 June 2015

19 June 2015 66

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari was created as a tribute to the LaFerrari, with the Hublot engineers having designed, developed, and...

Classy Men Style – Shoe Essentials

17 June 2015

17 June 2015 123

Classy Men Style – Shoe Essentials. Your shoes have have to tell this summer something. Wearing shoes that make a...

Watch on your Wrist #5

12 June 2015

12 June 2015 24

We’re talking about Men’s Essentials again, time pieces on your wrist to impress with. In the 16th century we had...

Watch on your Wrist #4

6 June 2015

6 June 2015 63

Essentials, you have to know and see them! When it comes to style you musn’t forget to have some porn...

Classy Men Style #Casual

3 June 2015

3 June 2015 1,684

The 4th edition has been named the Casual edition. The summer days are coming and the classy suits get less...

Watch on Your Wrist #3

29 May 2015

29 May 2015 426

No more excuses. When we discuss the Gentleman & the Classy style, you have to know that the wrist is...