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On this way, tomorrow morning you wake up with a younger and fresher face. No matter how tougt your weekend was.;) 1. Get rid of puffiness Dark circles disappear like snow in the sun when you use an eye cream with peptides and caffeine as the main ingredients, says dermatologist Rachel Pritzker. It’s best to keep the cream in the fridge. This reinforces the toning effect, so your walls globe are immediately reduced. 2. Say goodbye to dead skin cells Use an exfoliating face wash with volcanic rock before bedtime. It’s pretty rough (which it immediately makes a lot more masculine to use), but this works better than the finer scrubs walnuts and apricot kernels. So your skin looks directly much healthier. A shirt in a light color enhances this effect, says style consultant Julie Rath. 3. Exit red eyes A lack of sleep due to the weekend may cause dry eyes and inflammation. Because of this your eyes are red. Use eye drops 2 to 3 times daily to give your eyes the moisture they neede. 4. Tame your hair Bring some beard balm or Oil-burning in your beard and mustache to tame your wild hair. The peaking hair cut you off with a small pair of scissors with a round top (to prevent self-flagellation). Do the same with your nose, ear and eyebrow hairs. 5. White pearls Groomed, white teeth are your calling card. Make sure your tooth shining. It’s easily done and you often see the result immediately if you ask Google for it. According to Penn State University, people with a healthy row biters deemed successful. Use it to your advantage!


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1. Say goodbye to the regular suit It’s a little bit different now than all the regular blue and gray suits, say let them hang in your closet! The pinstripe suit gives your wardrobe exactly the extra style and change it needs. Choose a nice small cut version and there is no one who doesn’t take you seriously. No-Label-DB-Suit-amsterdam-fahion-menswear-double-breasted-pinstripe-look                       2. Casual touch A pinstripe suit is really no longer just an office essential. Dinner or drinks after work? Swap your shirt with a nice T-shirt or turtleneck and you’re done. Smart casual is the credo and pinstripes is the finishing touch. tumblr_nlp9j5zKoS1u0k05io1_500                           3. Power Because the pinstripe suit is and should not only worn by old bossy bankers, it still has a certain kind of image. It exudes strength and self-confidence. Tricky appointment on the schedule? Wear your pinstripe suit, preferably with extra wide lapels, and do your advantage. 8351904_orig                 4. Personal style statement Be creative with the stripes and create a personal style statement! Play with the color or to the thickness of the stripe. Consider with the industry in which you work. In some firms “go crazy” will unfortunately not be appreciated. As long as it remains stylish you won’t store shelf wrong. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   5. In the mix Don’t have time or inclination to buy a new suit? Be creative and use the tasty blend in a different way and bring the line in your outfit. Think of a striped scarf or tie. You can also choose for a pinstripe pants with sneakers and a polo. casual, sporty and classy! 185845-Blue-And-White-Striped-Shirt-With-Navy-Pants-And-Brown-Shoes


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Like the most will say; women love bad boys and a stunt pilot with coarse hair. Research shows that men with beards also can be really dangerous instead of the clean-shaven counterpart. So does it mean that growing a beard is destined for your testosterone or is it that if you grow your beard you immediately feel yourself a bad guy? Wide Census asked 2,000 British men what they bash for crooks behavior and the results were shocking. When the men were asked whether they ever handed out a few stumps, 45 percent of the bearded boys said yes compared with only 29 percent baby faces. Turns out beards may actually be good for your health                       Even when it comes to steal men with facial hair comes again badly off the bus. 40 percent of the barbs had to confess, only seventeen percent of the shaved males applied. And finally: cheating. A word which give girlfriends palpitations and cold sweat. Again, the hairy Harry’s pulling the short straw. Almoste half, namely 45 percent, of the men say they are cheating, while only 29 percent of the smooth guido’s admitted that they cheated. Conclusion: Men with beards are more honest, or they just get more mess out of life. With this result, however, we have owned the holy grail. To ensure that you are not too boring but not a total jerk who gets caught doing stupid things, you just have to keep up with the groomed beard. Not a monster of a beard but just a fancy beard which let many women slip on their desks;) According to research; bearded men are dangerous

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What began as a shoe that was designed for sports activities, is one which will be always on the scene. Which stones you treads, in which class or subculture you feel comfortable; the sneaker is everywhere and in every conceivable shape or color. So here are the trends for the coming season.

Old school low skate shoe

The broken bones and bruises can leave behind paths, the shoes you should definitely check out. These sneakers do not just shown relax, they are also guaranteed for comfort. With a pair of Converse Jack Purcell Greats or Vans Old School denotes good anyway. The photographs are ranked by the aforementioned brands. The Sneaker trends for the next season!2-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-1-600x356

Fashion sneakers

It’s not a secret that luxury fashion brands flocking in the sneaker market. Every self-respecting brand has brought at least a luxury sneaker to the market. Big chance that this season appear much more luxurious sneakers on the market. A few of our favorite fashion sneakers: Lanvin, Koio Collective and John Lobb Levah. The Sneaker trends for the next season!-4-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-5-600x356

Affordable fashion sneakers

Action and effect. When luxury brands came with gorgeous sneakers on the market, operators saw a huge gap in the market: the same type of sneaker, for less money. Not everyone can or wants to pay hundred dllars for a pair of shoes. Brands like Mango Man, Cos and adidas provide the solution. The Sneaker trends for the next season!-8-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-9-600x400 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-10-600x356

Neutral colors

We put our money this year into neutral and natural colors in the sneaker market. So throw your purple trainers with the pink edge, yellow laces and a gold capping behind in your closet and choose a classy sneaker. The advantage? You may wear them anytime, anywhere. Adidas, Nike, Puma; no manufacturer that they did not in the house. The Sneaker trends for the next season!-13-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-12-600x356


Not a day goes by there isn’t a sneaker on the market with the signature of a rapper, artist, athlete or other sneaker brand sports. That may sound negative, but it certainly is not. This fact makes a lot of cool shoes, such as the 998 or PRMR A Kind of Guise x adidas Consortium. The Sneaker trends for the next season!-15-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season!-15-600x356

Sneaker Boots

Boots are definitely not for everyone and for sneaker boots the same. The Nike Air Max 90 sneaker Boat and Converse Tekoa are in our opinion quite cool. The Sneaker trends for the next season-17-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season-16-600x356


Though shoe manufacturers all do their best to develop a new type of shoe, they are also exempted from the ever recurring cycle mode. With a little vintage is moreover nothing wrong, classics never perish after all. What do you think of this Nike Cortez, New Balance 900 or C85 Reebok Club’s? The Sneaker trends for the next season-21-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season-22-600x356 The Sneaker trends for the next season-20-600x356

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Doubt for your first or a new tattoo? Time to bite the bullet. Here you have a good reason;) New research from the American Journal of Human Biology shows that taking a tattoo is good for your immune system. Researchers were curious what the physical stress of letting a tattoo does for your body. To test this, they collected saliva of approximately 30 subjects before and after it’s put of a tattoo. They tested the saliva on the number of antibodies and stress hormones. Logically, the researchers saw that was seriously increased the stress on the participants. Also, they saw a decrease of immunoglobulin A, an antibody of the immune system. The striking this: only those who got their first tattoo saw a significant decrease in this matter. For those who already frequently had put let the dust had hardly taken a tattoo, which means that the stress experienced by your body by taking a tattoo ensures that your system is stronger. The more ink you take, the stronger the effect. We must be fair to say that it was a small study (the course was only only 30 people), but it sounds cool anyway: tattoos protect you from the flu. Stitch it in your pocket;)

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I never had my hair and beard that long before, it’s about discipline, a style that fits you and grooming, and it’s all driven by multiple grounding thoughts… Anyway, the only way what kept me in this ‘long direction’ is the honestly and positive feedback from several women I date. After heavy considerations and habituation I can just confirm the next article;
We discovered 10 ways for a beautiful, full head of hair which women like to slip through.
1. Wash it Washing your hair makes your hair looks thicker. namely dirty, greasy hair has zero volume, and there is just a little on your head. If your hair is oily, you also look easier on the scalp, giving the impression that you are balding. For the best results, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoo is the most effective way to remove grease from your hair and fights dandruff. Dandruff causes to break down it easier,, anti-dandruff shampoo is win-win. 2. Make it thicker Go for a shampoo, conditioner or spray with containing polymers. It fills the hair shaft, which instantly adds volume and optically thicker hair. The effect of these products is moreover temporary, which means you have to use it regularly. The thickness of the hair rises by about 20 percent. 3. Put your comb down Dump that comb. If you’re constantly combing your hair or brushing it, it can – especially thin hair – let look it limp and lifeless. Try to style your hair with your fingers, so you bring more volume and texture in it. 4. Use the right styling products You doesn’t provide your hair volume if you use heavy wax or gel on thin hair. 5. Get rid of those cigarettes A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in the Americas shows that smoking triggers hormones that play a role in hair loss. In addition, smoking hidden blood vessels in the skull that nourish the hair to grow faster. 6. The wind in your hair Blow dry is a good way to give your hair more volume. Not too hot, because you damage the natural proteins in your hair, and it breaks it down. 7. Stay out of the sun Your head in the sun is not a good plan. If you burn scalp, it produces a substance called superoxide. Hair follicles punches thereby new hairs off instead of new growing out. 8. Visit the barber Many men think that long hair hides baldness the best. Some even try to comb the long hair on balding spots, which often gives a completely unattractive effect. A short hairstyle is always a lot more flattering. Opt for a shag haircut or a hairstyle in which the hair falls loosely and casually. Both hairstyles make sure you remove the attention of your balding skull, and gives an focus on your face.

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The beard is a symbol for masculine. It has something mighty and is a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter at all that you don’t have a super full beard grow, the whole point is that the hair that you have are healthy and that you work right with it. Grow your beard hair takes patience, but you have to because you will be the man which will impress many women after. With the familiar stubble on your chin and your cheeks you turn into a rough and mature man. However, one comment: Do not exaggerate! A big beard is nice, but it should certainly not be a Santa Claus beard . If you want a beard necessary, do it good, and care for it. We have to admit, the density of your beard growth depends on a number of factors including your age and the genes of your ancestors. 1. Resist the temptation 1 If you’ve shaved every day, you will have the urge wanting to grab the knife. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. 2. Tricks to let him grow very fast 2 Importantly is, “hair grow” before it gets longer. So purchase a trimmer and wait until your beard is filled with hair. Don’t keep it too short, but just a little longer than normal. Also make sure you drink plenty of water, sleep well and don’t be stressed, the last of the three is often the culprit for slow hair growth and even hair loss. Also food with vitamin B or fish oil helps to grow a beard. Eat enough protein, but you probably did that already … #beastmode 3. Keep it clean and dry 3 Turn the trimmer to the largest stand so that your hair remains at its longest. You can use either wet or dry with the right tools such as TABAC GENTLE MEN’S CARE it also takes care of your skin, no red rash and no slices, Nice! 4. A cleaner skin than worktops 4 It is important to keep your skin clean. Use a mild shower gel, body scrub or what makes dead skin cells disappear so new hairs quickly get the chance to break through. 5. Use this for and after you shave session 5 You should remove the tiny hairs that are ‘loose’ on your cheek and your neck as well. You also need to wash your beard with warm water, and get a good ‘beard’ oil, or a fine ointment. Convenient: After shaving TOBACCO GENTLE MEN’S CARE prevents pimples. If you have a very dry skin or suffer from the harsh winter use a moisturizer or gel.

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A short snappy haircut or just a shitload of hair with braids, everything is tolerable;) But which trends in hairstyles are like to seen in the spring of 2016? Spring is in the starting blocks, so we are allowed to look ahead to the some hair trends. In addition: well prepared is half the battle.

Keep it long

Yes, long hair is and remains a thing. Also in the spring of 2016. Buns are on their return but long hair itself is definitely a keeper. We see hairstyles worn neatly backwards but also casually to one side, is something many will see in the spring of 2016. long-hairstyleonpoint  


This spring we see military influences in the extremely short hairstyles for men. But instead of shave the whole head. the top of your hair is held just a little longer. This hairstyle is best for men with a clear jawline and prominent cheekbones. Big advantage is that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain. Why difficult as it… hairstyleonpoint


What is possible with long hair and what is just a bit more difficult with short, is to follow the trend; braids. Shine braid;) man-braid-5 1

The casual cowlick

Men with guts let Mother Nature do her job this spring. Needless to show which side it stands out and keep the gel jar behind closed doors. Tasty loosely on top and just with your / her hands through the hair doesn’t have to be a problem. Where a crest of at least 10 cm is a guideline, the sides may still be a little shorter, also in 2016. It is striking that the sides are always guarded. Not short in the sense of short crew cut, but just a centimeter. Of all though, the length difference remains. side-swept-hairstyleonpoint david-beckham-hair medium-hair-3    

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According to the recent research conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Western Australia men with beards and tattoos are a kind of attractive gender of the male. Beards and tattoos letting the ladies literally slide on their desks. In the study a group of 154 professors researched primate monkeys that certain physical characteristics as ornaments with leaves and branches, “turbulent body hair as long whiskers or other distinctive physical characteristics used to impress the female species. The female primate monkeys saw some strong masculine identity in those body adornments, a branch dominance and even ardent sexual attraction! According to the group of researchers, these findings are also apply able on humans. Having beards and tattoos can be seen as human ’embellishments’. These men are increasingly concerned to measure himself a certain identity, because of the fierce competition. Therefore, women have a weakness for a man with a unique appearance characterized as having a shaggy beard and a unique tattoo. Whether this is the reason behind the beard and tattoo trend is unknown. Although, in 2010, research showed that on average 1 in 4 ‘Millennials’ is in possession of a beard or tattoo. Being unique is more popular than ever, perhaps maybe it explains the fashion trends for men like keeping a well-trimmed beard, tattoos and more jewelry.

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The world’s most popular sport not only has the most popular players, but also the most stylish athletes. Andrea Pirlo The 5 most stylish football players On and off the field is il’Architetto or “The Architect” a source of inspiration for many men. He’s mainly spotted in stylish suits on the streets, as befits a real Italian. He isn’t called for nothing the “most hipster footballer by The Guardian. His beard, love for vintage clothing, its own vineyard and an autobiography titled “I Think Therefore I Play”, we can only confirm this. On the field, the now 36-year-old Pirlo is not the fastest athlete, but the way he dances with the ball ensures that you can’t keep your eyes off him. Maradona is good, Pele is better but George Best. The 5 most stylish football players Bland, but there is some truth in it. Football legend George Best, El Beatle, was on the field a classy player and performed like no other. Best was ahead of its time: a short haircut with a clean-shaven face up to long mane and a shaggy beard, he always came stylish for the day. He was a true style icon who continued to rediscover themselves. Off the field, he enjoyed a status as a rock star, with cars, drugs, women, money and liquor. The latter was his downfall. George offers grander surprises to the mind and the eye. He Has ice in his veins, warmth in his heart, and timing and balance in his feet. Danny Blanchflower about George Best. David Beckham The 5 most stylish football players This list would not be complete without Sir Beckham. Known for its magical staircase, he ran a successful career on the fields. Off the field he influenced men’s fashion by making the average man acceptable to pay more attention to clothes and hair. His hair styles are copied by men all over the world and his underwear line is not dragging. In other words: a true style icon. We’ve never had a pop star footballer quite like David. People simply can’t get enough. Cristiano Ronaldo The 5 most stylish football players Our own former cover girl Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most commercial footballer of all time. Everything he does becomes a trend. His bare torso appear worldwide on billboards, his face encounters in magazines and social media explodes after each hug he gives to another man. Not entirely illogical: the combination of his incredible football skills, his six-pack and his impressive hairstyles is also impressive.