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St. Anthony in Idaho is one of the better places to go if you are looking for videos worthy dunes. Ronnie Renner and his buddies decided to explore the huge area with dirt bikes and meanwhile to shoot breathtaking images. A normal video would be already a nice experience, but 360 degrees is St. Anthony really a step more impressive. Man those things going high!


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Drones are increasingly used in making cool movies and we can do nothing but applaud this wonderful trend. So also with the latest drone movie with a freerunner which takes considerable progress at the British seaside town. Parcours is itself kind of awesome to watch, but a drone, a good camera and beautiful locations made this movie absolutely spectacular.

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It’s cold in Minnesota, very cold. the American state is white and covered under a blanket of snow. What to do if there is snow? Right, make the capital Saint Paul unsafe with a snowmobile. Levi LaVallee, born and raised in the “North Star State,” interrupts the pristine white snow and opens with cool stunts and sick jumps.

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We do not know exactly what we were doing at eight years old, but the words ‘double’ ‘backflip’ and ‘snowboard’ doesn’t describe what was going on in our lives at that time. The 8-year-old Eli Bouchard from Quebec, Canada is the youngest in the world who knew how to perform the trick. He says stands on a snowboard since he was e1 and a half year old and he is certainly not afraid to fink on his mouth. What a fighter. Remember his name because this is going to be a big one!

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“I was really wasted last Friday!” Can have several meanings, this allows you, among other things choose to go out with friends in the middle of the night, or to pack your longboard and terrorizing a mountain. Project-Moonlight_2 In either case, you can go crashing hard in any case. Though the latter option does significantly a lot riskier. These guys have decent balls of steel, because this is really crazy. But the images it produces are fortunately breathtakingly beautiful.