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Like the most will say; women love bad boys and a stunt pilot with coarse hair. Research shows that men with beards also can be really dangerous instead of the clean-shaven counterpart. So does it mean that growing a beard is destined for your testosterone or is it that if you grow your beard you immediately feel yourself a bad guy? Wide Census asked 2,000 British men what they bash for crooks behavior and the results were shocking. When the men were asked whether they ever handed out a few stumps, 45 percent of the bearded boys said yes compared with only 29 percent baby faces. Turns out beards may actually be good for your health                       Even when it comes to steal men with facial hair comes again badly off the bus. 40 percent of the barbs had to confess, only seventeen percent of the shaved males applied. And finally: cheating. A word which give girlfriends palpitations and cold sweat. Again, the hairy Harry’s pulling the short straw. Almoste half, namely 45 percent, of the men say they are cheating, while only 29 percent of the smooth guido’s admitted that they cheated. Conclusion: Men with beards are more honest, or they just get more mess out of life. With this result, however, we have owned the holy grail. To ensure that you are not too boring but not a total jerk who gets caught doing stupid things, you just have to keep up with the groomed beard. Not a monster of a beard but just a fancy beard which let many women slip on their desks;) According to research; bearded men are dangerous

Coiffure, Fashion & Style
I never had my hair and beard that long before, it’s about discipline, a style that fits you and grooming, and it’s all driven by multiple grounding thoughts… Anyway, the only way what kept me in this ‘long direction’ is the honestly and positive feedback from several women I date. After heavy considerations and habituation I can just confirm the next article;
We discovered 10 ways for a beautiful, full head of hair which women like to slip through.
1. Wash it Washing your hair makes your hair looks thicker. namely dirty, greasy hair has zero volume, and there is just a little on your head. If your hair is oily, you also look easier on the scalp, giving the impression that you are balding. For the best results, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoo is the most effective way to remove grease from your hair and fights dandruff. Dandruff causes to break down it easier,, anti-dandruff shampoo is win-win. 2. Make it thicker Go for a shampoo, conditioner or spray with containing polymers. It fills the hair shaft, which instantly adds volume and optically thicker hair. The effect of these products is moreover temporary, which means you have to use it regularly. The thickness of the hair rises by about 20 percent. 3. Put your comb down Dump that comb. If you’re constantly combing your hair or brushing it, it can – especially thin hair – let look it limp and lifeless. Try to style your hair with your fingers, so you bring more volume and texture in it. 4. Use the right styling products You doesn’t provide your hair volume if you use heavy wax or gel on thin hair. 5. Get rid of those cigarettes A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in the Americas shows that smoking triggers hormones that play a role in hair loss. In addition, smoking hidden blood vessels in the skull that nourish the hair to grow faster. 6. The wind in your hair Blow dry is a good way to give your hair more volume. Not too hot, because you damage the natural proteins in your hair, and it breaks it down. 7. Stay out of the sun Your head in the sun is not a good plan. If you burn scalp, it produces a substance called superoxide. Hair follicles punches thereby new hairs off instead of new growing out. 8. Visit the barber Many men think that long hair hides baldness the best. Some even try to comb the long hair on balding spots, which often gives a completely unattractive effect. A short hairstyle is always a lot more flattering. Opt for a shag haircut or a hairstyle in which the hair falls loosely and casually. Both hairstyles make sure you remove the attention of your balding skull, and gives an focus on your face.

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The beard is a symbol for masculine. It has something mighty and is a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter at all that you don’t have a super full beard grow, the whole point is that the hair that you have are healthy and that you work right with it. Grow your beard hair takes patience, but you have to because you will be the man which will impress many women after. With the familiar stubble on your chin and your cheeks you turn into a rough and mature man. However, one comment: Do not exaggerate! A big beard is nice, but it should certainly not be a Santa Claus beard . If you want a beard necessary, do it good, and care for it. We have to admit, the density of your beard growth depends on a number of factors including your age and the genes of your ancestors. 1. Resist the temptation 1 If you’ve shaved every day, you will have the urge wanting to grab the knife. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. 2. Tricks to let him grow very fast 2 Importantly is, “hair grow” before it gets longer. So purchase a trimmer and wait until your beard is filled with hair. Don’t keep it too short, but just a little longer than normal. Also make sure you drink plenty of water, sleep well and don’t be stressed, the last of the three is often the culprit for slow hair growth and even hair loss. Also food with vitamin B or fish oil helps to grow a beard. Eat enough protein, but you probably did that already … #beastmode 3. Keep it clean and dry 3 Turn the trimmer to the largest stand so that your hair remains at its longest. You can use either wet or dry with the right tools such as TABAC GENTLE MEN’S CARE it also takes care of your skin, no red rash and no slices, Nice! 4. A cleaner skin than worktops 4 It is important to keep your skin clean. Use a mild shower gel, body scrub or what makes dead skin cells disappear so new hairs quickly get the chance to break through. 5. Use this for and after you shave session 5 You should remove the tiny hairs that are ‘loose’ on your cheek and your neck as well. You also need to wash your beard with warm water, and get a good ‘beard’ oil, or a fine ointment. Convenient: After shaving TOBACCO GENTLE MEN’S CARE prevents pimples. If you have a very dry skin or suffer from the harsh winter use a moisturizer or gel.

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A short snappy haircut or just a shitload of hair with braids, everything is tolerable;) But which trends in hairstyles are like to seen in the spring of 2016? Spring is in the starting blocks, so we are allowed to look ahead to the some hair trends. In addition: well prepared is half the battle.

Keep it long

Yes, long hair is and remains a thing. Also in the spring of 2016. Buns are on their return but long hair itself is definitely a keeper. We see hairstyles worn neatly backwards but also casually to one side, is something many will see in the spring of 2016. long-hairstyleonpoint  


This spring we see military influences in the extremely short hairstyles for men. But instead of shave the whole head. the top of your hair is held just a little longer. This hairstyle is best for men with a clear jawline and prominent cheekbones. Big advantage is that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain. Why difficult as it… hairstyleonpoint


What is possible with long hair and what is just a bit more difficult with short, is to follow the trend; braids. Shine braid;) man-braid-5 1

The casual cowlick

Men with guts let Mother Nature do her job this spring. Needless to show which side it stands out and keep the gel jar behind closed doors. Tasty loosely on top and just with your / her hands through the hair doesn’t have to be a problem. Where a crest of at least 10 cm is a guideline, the sides may still be a little shorter, also in 2016. It is striking that the sides are always guarded. Not short in the sense of short crew cut, but just a centimeter. Of all though, the length difference remains. side-swept-hairstyleonpoint david-beckham-hair medium-hair-3    

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There’s been a lot said about getting and keeping the right hairstyle. Tips here, to do’s there, sister wax, hairspray so. Great, but what find hairdressers itself important? These are the main ideas of fourteen different hairdressers in the US. You happy, they happy. “Don’t try to look at someone who isn’t you! Adjust your style to trends is fine, but not everyone is like David Beckham or Brad Pitt. Therefore choose the style that suits you. “- Josh, Illinois “Don’t try to wash your hair frequently. Do you wash it every day? Then start phasing wash your hair 1 time in 2 days. Does it feel good? Skip the another day. You’ll see that you’re going to look greater.’- Billy, Utah “Always use a conditioner.” – Cecily, Minnesota Grooming tips from the barbers “Let your neck hair update every two weeks. It only takes a few minutes and your regular hairdresser will probably do it for free. An updated neck looks neat. “- Lauren, Texas “Coconut oil on the beard keeps the skin healthy and soft whiskers.” – Bryan, Montana “Find a celebrity who has the same face shape and hair line and get inspired by his haircut. Big chance that it fit you correctly. “- Derek, Texas “Gray hair is better than no hair.” – Melissa, Wisconsin Grooming tips from the barbers “Take your time to find the best care products for your hair. Remember, buying cheap is expensive “- David, Ohio “Use your hair dryer. Believe me, every hair product works a lot better after it. “- Christopher, Tennessee “Don’t shower with hot water. It actually worsens everything. “- Mary Beth, Kentucky Grooming tips from the barbers “Do you use a cream or a paste product, care for dry hair. The product is absorbed much faster when it’s dry, so you can style it easier. “- Cortney, Indiana “Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.” – Christina, Colorado “Take pride in your appearance. Scars, thin hair or a beer belly; it doesn’t matter. It’s especially important to wear your style with confidence! “- Walt, Arkansas