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Car Porn #3

Car Porn

Over the course of last week, living up to the next edition of Car Porn, I’ve made some exclusive pictures for you. That’s the joy of living in the richest country of our world, Switserland. Outside the brutal hundred-thousand-dollar and upwards cars I saw, I’ve also collected a few awesome …

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Oldtimer Show 2015, Switzerland

Oldtimer Event

Custom built oldtimers, passionate car lovers and motorbikes. All very limited in editions and rare. Full tattood body’s, sexy chicks, rough bearded men and rock & roll!!That’s the life you’ve got to get excited about! Especially so when the vibe is right. That’s what happened last friday in the Stockholm …

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Goodlife Dump #2

Goodlife Dump

The Must See dump!!! High level male ánd female entertainment. It’s a random mix of things you’ll see daily on Get Addicted. These pictures, gifs, things and places are really awesome. Today is the day to have a good day. Yesterday was a gift, a pretty awesome gift if I …

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Interior for Men #1

Interiores Men

More than 30 exclusive high quality pieces in Interior for Men, almost hotter than women. It’s time to open the champagne bottles! Oh sorry, that’s the feeling I get when I see these stunning interiors. It’s the mo’fuckin’ confirmation of succes when you live like these guys. We’re posting explicit …

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Car porn #2

Car Porn

It’s time for the brand new edition of Car Porn #2 I hope you’ll enjoy it. This time I picked out even better cars, more horse power and more pictures with names of them! Because the first edition wasn’t viewed much at all. Exactly 7 days ago I made my …

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Motorbikes to love

Motor Bikes

The season for two wheelers has begun. It was over 20 degrees celcius the last few weeks here in Switserland. I’m impatiently waiting for my license. If you take a look at these two wheeled engines you’ll be left with only one option. Drive, Cruise & Tour! I’m not a typical motorcyclist …

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Goodlife dump #1


Get ready for take-off guys! From now on we’ll be writing and posting every week in our Goodlife section. A brand new hot picture blog of only the coolest Goodlife pictures we’ve found on the amazing internet. Your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. Enjoy;)

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2015 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster


A Collecter’s masterpiece of engineering and design. You thought €4,- million was a bit steep for an extremely limited-edition car? Well, think again. Because a (slightly) used example of a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is now for sale— coming with a pricetag of €4,000,000.00 Take a look at this beauty!  Packing a …

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