Saturday , January 19 2019
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Antique Art #1

black & white babes

I recently went to an oldtimer event. Classic- and muscle cars plus sexy babes everywhere. I’m working on a blog with a lot of cool pictures of this event. My creative mind had another idea again. “Antique Art” the hottest babes in Black & White, a new photo blog edition …

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Lucky with mirrors #2

Lucky with mirrors

It’s an honor to write the second edition of Lucky with Mirrors #2 Lucky with Mirrors is the best blog post we have. It has been visited over a 1000 times and the number is still rising. I told you that I am 100% sure nobody uses the name ”Lucky …

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Sexy Dump #2

Sexy Dump

Hey, let me tell you something; Do not watch these pictures! You know why? They were the hardest hours I had today. The internet is pretty amazing, I don’t think you will be able to keep it dry. After hours of searching I did some negotiating, bought the best pictures …

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Bikini Babes #2

Bikini babes

Giggity Giggity Giggity Alright! It’s time for a brand new hot edition of Bikini Babes. The last few days it did not feel like spring at all. But so I may give you and myself a greater summer feeling we can watch these 60+ stunning bikini babes. I put forth …

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Booty Yeah #2

Booty yeah

Hi men & women, I did some market research. A lot of similar websites posting weekly only 30 pictures a week, inconsistent and not at all the ”XL edition” they love to call it. You know what? Fuck that shit, it’s tuesday again, we’re posting more than double those numbers …

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Boobies Yeah #1

Boobies Yeah

In addition to our first blog in the section Babes where we recently posted Booty Yeah #1 it’s now time for Boobies Yeah #1 Trust me I got it al figured out for a long time, this is the shit that men want to see. Check out these 40 boobies… or 80? But …

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Inked beauties #1

tattoo beauties

Tattoos have become a trend these last few years. I myself are the proud owner of two of such artsy designs. Maybe that’s why I love it so much on the female body. Or is it because these 30 inked beauties are just smoking hot with or without tattoos? Decide for …

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Lucky with mirrors #1

Hot mirror selfie

I’m 100% sure that nobody uses the name ”Lucky With Mirrors” or provides the kind of valuable content like we do. It’s extremely hot so viewer discretion is advised! I think it’s about 7 weeks ago that the idea of Lucky With Mirrors came to mind. The idea and inspiration …

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Sexy Dump #1

Sexy Dump

We’ve all got secrets, however.. If you’ve never stolen a playboy from your dad, or when the only boobies you’ve ever seen are those of your mother… stop reading. This will probably be my favorite post of the week. I bet you feel the same way! We’ll be searching in a lot of different …

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