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Inked Beauties #5

inked beauties

These chicks are not just chicks. Here are some hot Inked Beauties, art on their bodies and my god I like it! So I hope you also do, because I won’t share some bullshit on the saturday morning! Have a nice start of your weekend;) Let me give you a …

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Bikini Babes #11

The hottest bikini babes we've found on the internet! Click for more the beautiful collection

Oh my summer! It’s getting hotter and hotter. If you don’t know what I mean you’ve probably done things like gaming, reading books or that kind of stuff. I’m where you have to be; the nr 1 men magazine with only the hottest bikini babes daily! Enjoy;)  

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Just Perfection

Just Perfection

We just analysed our homepage because self reflection and innovation is crucial sometimes. The first thoughts were; there are some girls missing.. am I right? So I wanted something new to test our/your addiction. Not only for you, but because we also love the babes section as much as you …

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Stunning Fit Girls #3

Stunning Fit Girls

It’s time to make time for our next edition of Stunning Fit Girls! No excuses anymore, first things first. So watch these stunning girls! Unless you were making your way to the gym, then watch it after your training because you’ll see the same in real life there;)

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Sexy Dump #!0

sexy dump 10

Time flies just like your … does after watching this the Sexy Dump #10. We made an very special and extra large edition of the amazing sexy random women dump! Comment below this post “congratulation” if you like it!:D

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Bikini Babes #10


Are we still in the summer mood? I’m in the mood for the weekend, i think we all do so i help us through the last days of the week with the most sexy bikini babes we’ve found again. If you like to help us with some awesome content you …

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Booty Yeah #11

booty yeah 11

Thanks for coming back! It’s our 11th ediion of the most stunning asses we’ve found this week! The biggest addiction for men at 2015! That’s what we’ve recognized here at Get Addicted. How bigger and more juicy with the perfect curves the better! We’ve got them all for ya. Finally …

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Antique Art #4

Antique Art - Black & White Babes

Oh man what a job! Finally we’ve photoshopped all the pics in black & white. And of course like usual we’ve selected the hottest babes we’ve found on the internet and we call it; Antique Art

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