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Inked Beauties; Zhara Nilsson

8 July 2016

8 July 2016

Zhara, a fully qualified musician, originates from a small northern town in Sweden. After completing her music studies in 2013,...

Inked beauties #10

26 February 2016

26 February 2016

“Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks...

Inked beauties #9

4 February 2016

4 February 2016 15

Some pleasure for the eyes cause inked girls are doing it better, right? Check it out for yourself!

Inked beauties #8

28 December 2015

28 December 2015 127

Doubts about ‘Inked girls doing it better’? No more after seeing those 50+ stunning Inked beauties! It will make you...

Inked Beauties; Diana Deets

31 August 2015

31 August 2015 2,237

There are to many reasons to set Diana Deets in the high-lights today. I’ll just tell 3 of them, 1.She’s...

Inked Beauties #7

23 August 2015

23 August 2015 120

We’ve been on holiday for 3 weeks so that’s why you had to wait on the new edition of Inked...

Inked Beauties #5

1 August 2015

1 August 2015 801

These chicks are not just chicks. Here are some hot Inked Beauties, art on their bodies and my god I...

Inked Beauties #5

23 June 2015

23 June 2015 639

Time to show you some hot rough sexy inked beauties again! And you know what? If you can’t get enough...

Inked Beauties #4

9 June 2015

9 June 2015 1,792

Ordinary? Not at all, it’s beautiful!! Or the girls? That’s not all there is to it though. They are probably...

Inked Beauties #3

3 June 2015

3 June 2015 872

Inked girls do it better;) Inked for life or for the rest of your life, maybe both, it’s certainly for...

Inked Beauties #2

25 May 2015

25 May 2015 2,085

Guys, what’s going on with the previous edition of Inked beauties? Some of the blogs in the babes section are...

Inked beauties #1

18 May 2015

18 May 2015 111

Tattoos have become a trend these last few years. I myself are the proud owner of two of such artsy designs....