Wednesday , December 19 2018
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A tennis court under water?

Underwater Tennis Court in Dubai

A Polish architect named Krysztof Kotala has released a design for an underwater tennis court in Dubai. I truly believe that they will carry out the architectural design and build the first tennis court under water! Because: Dubai currently has the highest tennis court in the world. The biggest challenge …

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Awesome Shots #9

Awesome shots 9

In addition to all the beautiful things we share it’s time to show you the most beautiful pictures we’ve found this week! Are you ready? If not get yourself ready for some awesome shots from all around the world! The only thing I wanted after seeing this is travel travel …

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The World’s Biggest Waterslide!

the world biggest water slide

The World’s Biggest Waterslide! 600m (2000ft) long! 92m (300ft) vertical drop! Over a minute worth of sliding fun! This massive, completely inflatable slide was built by Live More Awesome, a mental health non-profit charity in New Zealand. ( This waterslide got people outside in the sun, Vitamin D is great …

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Insane Jet -15.000 feet in 45 seconds

Insane Jet 15.000 feet in 45 seconds

An insane short film which takes only 45 seconds from brake release to 15.000 feet!… Pure performance show of an F-16 BM Block 15 which belongs to 11 th Squadron “Arrows” – Pakistan Air Force, by TAI Test Pilot Murat KELEŞ (Pilot in Command) and Murat ÖZPALA ( Rear Seat …

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