Sunday , December 16 2018
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Baby it’s cold outside!

Baby it

And because it is Johnny thought is was time to bring you guys a small charitable present for all the loyal women lover and followers we have. So if you don’t have a photoshoot with a lovely beautiful lady tonight we presenting you 26 reasons to stay inside tonight;) v

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Random Perfection #15

Random Perfection 15

Every Wednesday a new edition and your boost of sexiness, Random Perfection, what men want! Do you prefer visit our other weekly posts? Check out our new content plan; Made and in progress for about 10 days ago, but we like to inform you, there you go!

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Punani yeah #1

Punani yeah

Always looking for the best meat deals or do you prefer some fine quality? Some men like to have more meat down there and some prefer entering some juicy tight fruits! At any case, we’ve got it all for ya;)

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