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Cardiotraining for men with muscles
Cardiotraining for men with muscles

Cardiotraining for men with muscles

Cardiotraining for men with muscles
Cardiotraining for men with muscles

Will cardio and strength go together? If you do those exercises it will. It has always been a question for me and a lot of other lifters. Lifting is about building weight and muscles and cardio about losing weight but either being fit. So how do you combine those 2 types of fitness?

You have cardio – and you have High-Intensity Continuous Training (HICT). Perfect for hitchhikers.

HICT is essentially a slow aerobic session; your heart rate does not exceed 150 beats per minute. You make the explosive repetition – as a stepup with a weight vest – every few seconds. You do this five to seven minutes at a time.

Why is this formula gold for hitchhikers? It not only improves your aerobic fitness but also makes the stamina saver cause you fast twitch muscle fibers says trainer Mike Robertson. These are the muscle fibers that provide the powerful big muscles.

Because these muscles speak with one powerful repetition, you talk to them but they do not put you off. This way you can train harder and longer the next time when you’re hitchhiking.

And even though each repetition explosively, the pace is slow. A slower aerobic session like this can (unlike intervals or sprints) help your body recover. It’s not only improve your blood circulation, but also reset your nervous system.

How to do it

Choose an exercise from the list below. Do each three to five seconds in a powerful explosive repetition and rest in the meantime. Do this seven minutes straight. This is one round. Put another two and five minutes rest after each round.

Keep your heart rate. This should indicate between 140 and 150 beats per minute. When it sinks lower, turn the machine heavier / take more weight. Is your heart rate above 150 beats per minute? Then you have to take a small step back.

Stepup with a weight vest
Wear a weighted vest, look for a box or bench (or anything else at knee height). Place your left foot on the box and push yourself from your heel upward until your left leg is stretched. Keep your right foot in the air. Lower it to the floor and do the same with your left foot and repeat.


Put the machine on a high resistance. Take a step with each foot. That’s one repetition.

Prowler or sled
Make a rope attached to a sled with a weight fitness. Put the rope on the floor so that it is straight. Walk to the end of the rope, weight towards the sled. Grab the rope with both hands. Your hands should be about 30cm apart from each-other. You put your right hand on your left. Stand in an active stance with your feet shoulder width apart and knees bent.

Pull the rope sharply inwards so that the sled moves. Pull with your right hand, let your left hand, grasp the rope again and pull. This is one repetition.

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