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Burglars Break into Dan Bilzerian’s Mansion

It’s no secret that Dan Bilzerian lives a charmed life.

The poker player and playboy has been dubbed the “King of Instagram” because of his 12.1 million followers. A multimillionaire, he appears in Hollywood blockbusters. He owns a Gulfstream jets, several fancy cars, a huge mansion – and a large collection of firearms.

But with his fame, Bilzerian has become a target for burglars. On Friday night, he tells PEOPLE they broke into his Hollywood Hills home while he was in New York. They shattered a glass door in the guest bedroom by the pool.

The burglars clearly knew what they were doing. “They spray painted the outside cameras with black rubber that totally disabled them, then they waited four hours,” Bilzerian says. “They then broke in and did the same with most of the inside cameras.”

But there was one thing that the burglars didn’t count on: Bilzerian’s top-of-the-line security system. “The alarm went off, and the police came to the house right after they broke in,” says Bilzerian.

And the would-be robbers were thwarted when they tried to break into Bilzerian’s closet, where he keeps his guns. “It was reinforced with steel, so they couldn’t get in,” he explains.

Despite the fact that the burglars were unsuccessful, there were still a few alarming details of the incident. “They were dressed in all black with ski masks and seemed to know the layout of the house,” says Bilzerian. “They stole the keys to my Bentley, but they didn’t take the car.”

Bilzerian is changing the locks of the cars and the house, and making sure that a robbery can’t happen again.

The LAPD is investigating.


Source : People Mag

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