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Bucket list – Places you should definitely have sex at

Sometimes you just need to have some more excitement or experience in life. That’s why I’m going to help you and give you these tips for having a good turn on with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The last tip after seeing these moving pictures: Try it, do it, enjoy it. Like I always say; exciting things are fun. Here is your new bucket list – Places you should definitely have sex at.

Sex Places
In front of the mirror, it’s like your own pornomovie^^

Sex Places
Watch out in the shower;)

Sex Places
The Backyard

Sex Places
In the hotel

Sex Places
At your friend’s place

Sex Places
At your work!

Sex Places
In the airplane

Sex Places
In the dressing room

Sex Places
In your car

Sex Places
On the stairs

Sex Places
In the forest

Sex Places
If you’re alone, take the shower no mess at all;)

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