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BMW Alpina B7 - the beautiful sedan with the power of a supercar

BMW Alpina B7 – the beautiful sedan with the power of a supercar

If it’s about beautiful, luxurious, comfortable and fast cars you have to think about BMW. Especially their 7-series has long been the epitome of sheer class in the automotive world. There is little to say about the showpieces of this line, but that doesn’t mean it can do better. Therefore, the German automaker has beaten join hands with the handyman of Alpina. These guys make excellent cars exceptional cars and that’s what they’ve done with the BMW 750i xDrive.

On the outside the difference is not very obvious, but once you get in it you see why this variant is going to be worth your money. The interior is finished to perfection and the leather chairs invite ready to get behind the wheel. The biggest difference with the 750i you realize when you start it. The original was with 445 bhp already quite a powerhouse, but for the B7 they have inflated the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 so that it now delivers 608 hp. Thanks to this upgrade, it reach within 3.6 seconds the 100 km / h and thus does not much inferior to many a supercar. Thanks to a completely new intake and exhaust, intercooler, turbo and piston is the top speed of this monster even at 310 km / h.

To keep all this violence in check, the B7 with air suspension with active dampers, monstrous brakes and a system where you can steer the rear wheels. So it doesn’t matter how hard you knock this car on mountain roads, you’re always comfortable.

In every respect this is the ultimate BMW B7 and there probably is a spicy price tag hanging. At what price he soon will appear in the catalog is not known yes, but the 750i will cost nearly a 100.000 so get there but from the B7 will not go over the counter for a fried egg and an apple pie. You get fortunately a lot of style, class and sheer power in return. What a dream car.

BMW Alpina B7 - the beautiful sedan with the power of a supercar

BMW Alpina B7 1

BMW Alpina B7 2

BMW Alpina B7 3

BMW Alpina B7 4

BMW Alpina B7 5

BMW Alpina B7 6

BMW Alpina B7 7

BMW Alpina B7 8

BMW Alpina B7 9

BMW Alpina B7 10

BMW Alpina B7 11

BMW Alpina B7 12

BMW Alpina B7 13

BMW Alpina B7 14

BMW Alpina B7 15

BMW Alpina B7 16

BMW Alpina B7 17

BMW Alpina B7 18

BMW Alpina B7 19

BMW Alpina B7 20

BMW Alpina B7 21

BMW Alpina B7 22

BMW Alpina B7 23

BMW Alpina B7 24

BMW Alpina B7 25

BMW Alpina B7 26

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BMW Alpina B7 29

BMW Alpina B7 30

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