22 February 2019 to the lifestyle we share

Bikini babes chilling at the beach

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TAKE THIS ONE is the name of our new incredible sexy video!

25 April 2017

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A lot of amazing and sexy shoots in our new beach babes compilation. TAKE THIS ONE & ENJOY! For more...

Your new addiction; Kahili Blundell

27 January 2016

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Good morning! Throw an egg into the pan, pour a glass of orange juice and sit down well before the...

Curls to fall in love with

11 March 2016

11 March 2016

We’ve all been in love with Beyonce for her curls. It has something magical, so we men like to see...

Booty Yeah #10

15 July 2015

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Thank you wednesday!! I was looking on the standard post program and Booty Yeah conjured a smile on my face....

My new Tinder matches!

18 March 2016

18 March 2016

Tinder is not particularly new to our loyal follower. The popular dating app Tinder is known for Dating, Laughter &...

How 20 Sexy Girls Party!

26 May 2015

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Hello guys, I’ve found some amazing eye candy. There ain’t no party like.. say what you want to say but...

Antique Art #4

22 July 2015

22 July 2015 548

Oh man what a job! Finally we’ve photoshopped all the pics in black & white. And of course like usual...

Bikini Babes #3

28 May 2015

28 May 2015 580

Hey Girls, it’s time for the new edition of inspiring summerwear. Get Addicted has been on a lot of webshops...

Booty Yeah #12

12 August 2015

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Pack your suitcase and travel to the first beach location you’ll find cause you can’t handle this!! After seeing these...

Just Perfection #6

3 September 2015

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Well, you get la crème de la crème, on the Thursday evening, don’t you?! Just perfection is the cream of...

Get Addicted Babes!

22 March 2016

22 March 2016

Yes look above this page, our logo and style changed from 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 till 2.0 now how we...

Aloha, Hawaii!

3 June 2015

3 June 2015 28

Aloha! The Billabong Women’s team invaded the North Shore for a week. They surfed all day, hung out with Teen...

Sara Underwood and friends getting ready for a football game

17 February 2016

17 February 2016

You know Sara Underwood? You know Sara Underwood:) Frequently shown at Get Addicted, renowned burger bakery and Playmate of the...

Bikini Babes #9

17 July 2015

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It’s more than crucial to write about, search and show, amazing sexy bikini babes! I am having an amazing summer...