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Bentley builds its own luxury ski lodge in Tyrol

The summer is over, can we talk about skiing now? Probably, because if you want to sleep at the Bentley Lodge in Tirol with Christmas you have to book on time.


The distinguished auto-brand Bentley has nailed a luxurious stay at the foot of the famous Hahnenkamm mountain. That mountain is currently still looks misty and deserted, but in the winter you can be on the slopes at high speed from rage. You can also choose to walk 500 meters towards to the rich center of Kitzbühel to see and be seen:)


The lodge is entirely in the style of Bentley design and they can accommodate up to eight guests. It’s useful if you’re a client of Bentley, because Bentley customers receive priority. But once you are guest you also have access to the facilities of the Kitzbühel Country Club and you can entertain for hours in the spa, gym, swimming pools, bars, cigar room, cinema or restaurant.


The Bentley lodege is not only a nice place for the winter, in the summer you can rifle through the Kitzbühelbossen to hunt, enjoy fishing, climbing, mountain-biking, golfing or playing tennis.


The price tag in the peak season (Christmas) €1480 per night. In the low season it’s ‘just’ €780 per night.


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