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Beard guide; choose the perfect beard lenght

Stubble, a short beard or full Gandalf style. For what beard length are you going? Depending on your type of face and beard growth, you need to choose the right length beard. You can still so eager to rock the Captain Haddock look, if your beard does not allow you to go looking for something else. GET ADDICTED has selected five beard lengths for you. Choose the correct length and begin to grow (or trim) your perfect length today!


The stubble

Easy to grow. Depending on your beard growth there will be between two and five days a nice stubble emerge. The stubble is now accepted in many workplaces, and even at the corporate offices. The stubble is particularly suitable for men with a larger and more rounded face.

Trim twice a week your beard scolding with the length 1 to 3 mm. If you trim too often (eg daily), you will damage your skin. After the trim you can apply a moisturizer.


The short beard

The short beard is suitable for men with a somewhat fuller beard growth. If you don’t have a full beard growth, this beard length accentuate the gaps. However, it may help if your beard just keeps time to grow. Leave the beard about 10 days and then trim the same length again (3 to 5 millimeters). Keep dividing tight and make sure there are no long hairs hanging over your lip.

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The groomed beard

The groomed beard is full but nowhere more than a centimeter. This beard length is suitable for the more formal environments, where a beard is accepted. This beard is appropriate to accentuate your jawline and cheekbones. Ideal if you want to have a fuller chin. Trim every three to four days to the desired length. Make sure all lines are tight and that the beard is evenly trimmed. With a length as this beard oil may be brought out.


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The long beard

The long beard is not a matter of trimming on one position. It is appropriate to given good shape to the beard. Therefore, we advise you to go to a barber. The long beard is ideal for people with a narrow face and a narrow chin. Do you have just a rounder face, make sure that the beard is shorter on the sides. Make every 2 to 2 weeks an appointment at the barber so the model is maintained.

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Full Gandalf

The Full Gandalf is only reserved for few men and is seen by many as the ultimate beard. The necessary time, a dose of confidence and a shitload of beard growth is needed to grow this!

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