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Awesome shots 14

It has been a while since we posted the last edition of Awesome Shots. But our plans, private archives and content are getting bigger than our posting capacity at the moment! So any help is more than welcome, we also can offer a small compensation income for the hobbyist, I’ll tell you more about it later if you are really interested. So in addiction, our private archives plan is growing and of course is Awesome Shots indispensable if we talk about ‘lifestyle’ But there is more than that, is amazingly, it’s photography on the next level. Our should I say photoshop? Cause it’s really satisfactory for the eyes, maybe it is a great mix of Travel, Photography, Great people, Timing, Places, and so farther. How is it sounds? Awesome right? Exactly, that’s why we called it “Awesome Shot” so take your moment cause we can’t guarantee that it excludes jealousy.   5d415a4041c47c6038b7d21551c1a786 9c599ba5c56d76c00e91754b19b3fde7 42cbd450 71f792859c9563cbeaf95be0acf18b0c 86c684ad5c1f9db71d85f4dd42d52f62 521757216_640 amaingshots-1 amazing_shots-24 amazing_shots-25 amazing_shots-27 amazing_shots-28w amazing-12 amazing-29 art daily-afternoon-randomness-49-photos-331 fk-yeah-friday-39-photos-3 fotografie-4 ifoANuf National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 006 National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 014 National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 019 sexypix-16     1CCCHg1tumblr_lt9jwlhpE01r50wxao1_500 tumblr_ma3eny4q2Y1qez43mo1_500 tumblr_mixyo96juI1r2y35mo1_1280 tumblr_mj17my9Eoi1qghwxto1_500 tumblr_mntxovoPUK1qf9tddo1_500 w (2) w