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Awesome shots #16

It is and stays the post we want and must check! Stunning photography, world, nature, people and timing, at its best! In addition and therefore, a new edition with brand new pictures every Thursday on Get Addicted’s homepage! Sit back, close your eyes and… hmm day dreaming is not the right moment, just watch and enjoy;) #Koa Smith #Teahupo’o #tube (Ming Shi Tian Yuan) in Guangxi, China. 7668dff15c7cc98107dd85d8cdbe3464 6966590-surfing-big-wave-sunset 20130201103003-9273 amaingshots-11 amaingshots-15 amaingshots-21 amaingshots-25 amazing_shots-3 amazing_shots-5 amazing_shots-7 (1) amazing_shots-15 amazing_shots-31 amazing_shots-33 amazing_shots-37 amazing_shotsf-7 amazing-9 amazingshots-11 (1) amazingshots-23 amazingshots-151 Ghana, Africa GSFPressRelease2010-09-22_01_555pxBLOG Habitat 67, or simply Habitat, is a model community and housing complex in Montreal, Canada designed by Israeli–Canadian architect Moshe Safdie IMG-20160121-WA00841 lustoog-5 lustoog-7 Madrid, Spain Manners_-De-100-meest-mooie-fotos-73-600x400 Manners_-De-100-meest-mooie-fotos-86-600x461 New York City at Dusk tumblr_m8qumbJ2Tr1qeccpho1_500 tumblr_ngyg3wzkxX1sq3g2zo1_540