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That’s awesome; Yo!Home living space!

Modern housing has never seen such a radical shift, and naturally there’ll be some questions. Submit any and all of your queries here, and we’ll get back to you as quick as a flash.
Suppose you have a small studio or apartment with no bedroom, you can try to let the Einstein out of you and use all the creativity you have. And of course you can sleep on the couch (convertible), or cluttering up your living room with a sofa and a bed or loft bed. But designer Simon Woodroffe is the only one who has found a really good solution and applied it in its YO! Home. With one push on a button, the bed just emerged from the ceiling and the living room is transformed into a bedroom. Awesome! The house includes other inventions like a small kitchen that can disappear into the wall and a dining table that can be in the floor after use.