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So, you’re well on your way to see her toe-curling among a sea of sheets in every corner of the room? There’s only one problem: you’re afraid you ejaculate too quickly. How do you handle her long, long pleasure for bth? A study by a Netherlands University shows that serotonin – that is known to keep depression really far away – the solution when it comes to bring you back from a nearly-full. The researchers found that serotonin was less active in men who suffer from premature ejaculation. “A lack of serotonin can affect the dopamine which has a huge impact during sex,” says neuropsychiatrist Marcel Waldinger. What you should do? Canadian researchers found that people who die in the summer have higher serotonin levels. What the morgue you can learn about sexual pleasure? “You give your body a boost of serotonin by making yourself more exposure to natural light,” explains Dr. Simon Young of the University of Montreal. “Even on a gloomy day natural light works serotonin enhancing.” Half an hour is the minimum, an hour is optimal. “Another important ingredient of serotonin is tryptophan, you can find it in turkey and bananas,” Young added. So you know what must appear on your shopping list!


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With these tips you will never run stood up. Stick to the 16:00 deadline Once the big date is coming closer, women are afraid that you won’t show of. For this reason we have the 16.00 deadline. If you call after 16:20 to confirm the date on 20:00, she’d probably already made other plans, just out of self-protection. Call between 12:00 and 16:00! Choose the right location If both of you live in one city, choose a location that is closer to her place than yours. You must be on time, or rather a little too early. Get your hair in the car, you should arrive five minutes earlier than agreed. Always keep the door open for her, walk back along the car and open the door again:) Money does matter If you spend too much money on a date, she will feel that you are trying to buy her love or sex. Women prefer to see what you have to offer in terms of character. Highlighting your wallet doesn’t matter that much. At least, by most women, otherwise, you know, in any case you have beaten a gold digger, well done man! Pay attention Women took a lot of time to make themselves beautiful for you. They will always ask whether you see it. Say something about it, please. But don’t just sprinkle with compliments A few sincere, thoughtful compliments are usually a hit. But not just sprinkle it. Say “I like that dimple in your cheek ‘instead of’ you have a beautiful smile.” Now you have her attention immediately. Introduce her If you see someone else starts talking, you should definitely introduce your date to the party – without using the word “friend.” Tell about her personal details to the third party. By the time you have worked for the sixth time and date, you have suggested her to the most of your friends. Walk with her to the door The world is scary and she prefers that you protect her. If she wants you to join, they will absolutely ask you. Do not ask if you can just go to the toilet, they find it intrusive. Kiss her Do you feel that the date went well, then it’s time for some lipaction. A small kiss on the cheek is enough. Do not be discouraged if they do not immediately is eager to kiss back. She may be a little shy or nervous, because she really likes you. It could also be your bad breath;) Recognize the kiss-off Whe she has not kissed you on the second date you know that the game is over.


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Not only his records on the football field are impressive. Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo also know how to score outside the field. Here are the ladies who should have shared the sheets with CR7, before he – according to rumors – took a somewhat different tack. Despite rumors that Ronaldo has/had a love affair with professional fighter Badr Hari he will have his record with impressive pretty ladies . Ronaldo’s first victory, the Brazilian scale model Jordana Jardela and his last steady girlfriend Irina Shayk. These are the ladies that Ronaldo had scored before. Here is a visual chronology.

Jordana Jardel 2002 Jordana-Jardel-2003

Daniele Aguiar 2005 095339000_1431759764-Daniele_Aguiar

Isabel Figueira 2005 nova-gente-49279-noticia-isabel-figueira-tem-novo-look

Merche Romero 2006 Hot-pics-of-Portuguese-model-Merche-Romero-5-600x450

Diana Chavez 2006 Diana Chavez

Soraia Chaves 2006

Luciana Abreu 2007

Gemma Atkinson 2007

Karina Bacchi 2007

Bipasha Basu 2007

Maria Sharapova 2007

Niki Ghazian 2008

Letizia Filippi 2008

Nereida Gallardo 2008

Mia Judaken 2008

Carolina Patrocinio 2008

Alice Goodwin 2009

Paris Hilton 2009

Luana Belletti 2009

Raffaella Fico 2009

Imogen Thomas 2010

Jasmine Lennard 2010

Kim Kardashian 2010

Andressa Urach 2011

Irina Shayk 2011


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Yes, you may have thoughts this article is about how many sexual partners you need at the moment to become the king of the sheets. but it isn’t read farther, this article is about the number of sexual partners your (future) girlfriend finds acceptable. Studies of Illicit Encounters, a British cheating website, appear that this will be ten sexual partners. The question of how many people you’ve shared the bed with, is probably not a new one. Actually, it’s quite a strange thing that we care about here anyway fuck once (ha, fuck. Sharply.), But to also adhere a number is of course completely out of the antics. Anyway, the ideal number is ten, ten said by more than thousand respondents. Sweet Spot Both men and women agree that the most acceptable sex partners is between eight and twelve , where ten is the most ideal’of course;) Less than ten the person would not have developed enough skills. If you’re over the twenty you will be apparently too preoccupied with having sexual intercourses, that seems to be unacceptable. Knowledge 35 percent of male participants and thirty percent of women found it is important to know how many people you shared the bed with. Is this interesting information or not? If you have more then ten partners tap, who captivates something? And if you went fine during your student years and ist’s above the twenty still means only that you had a good time right? We thought so. Validity Anyway, this study was conducted among people who are members of a cheating website. We must therefore call into the reliability and validity of this study.

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Yes, it has been studied, and we know you want to know. We get weird examines sometimes at Get Addicted, but often it are those articles that you secretly want to see. As a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, with the subject: anal sex. In the study, 10,463 heterosexual women were asked between fifteen and forty-four years after their experience with anal sex. It turns out that one in three women have tried it before. However, only 13.2 percent reported that it happened in the last 12 months, which means that it probably wasn’t worth repeating. But now, which kind of woman is most likely that they do not immediately give any pets when you propose anal sex? This is according to research a woman between 20 and 30 years, not religious, with above-average income and education. Also married women (or women in a relationship) are more open to anal adventures. It is striking that in anal sex less often used a condom than with vaginal sex. Stupid of course, because they might not get pregnant from anal sex and we can assume that you already know you can get an STD from enjoying anal sex.

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Many or more is not always better – even when it comes to sex. Indeed, by often, it will be less fun. And that’s not the intention right? According to the research from the Carnegie Mellon University; couples who had sex at least once a month, but had not more than three times a week sex, divided into two groups. Some couples were instructed to double the times they’d sex normally, others did what they were used to do. After three months, it was found that the sets that were had more frequently experienced more pleasure before the beginning of the study. The reason is quite simple: Because they had to keep track of how often they had sex, it was less enjoyable. Maybe you do not achieve weekly quota, including the investigation. But chances are that you ever thought that you often had to dive between the sheets, to make your sex life more exciting. It’s more fun and healthy if you and your partner have sex often because you both want it. But it should not matter that you’re doing it less often as your best buddy and his girlfriend. To blow new life in your sex life you have to focus on quality. Not quantity. The key to unforgettable sex is the commitment that you have. “Be open to each other,” says MH sexpert Debra Herbenick. “Treat your partner as a person, not as a porn star. Unless you both like that of course. ” Enjoy each other’s presence before you get started. Create the mood with candles, go in bath or shower together or put on some sexy music, advises Herbenick.

Always wanted to have a dog? Or maybe your wive is nagging for a dog? Whatever the reason is, read this first before you take a dog. It’s important that you do your homework before you buy a pet. Impulse purchases still bring a lot, really a lot animals to the shelter annually. Maybe you’re ready for the unconditional love of a dog, but are you also ready for the responsibility that comes with it? Here are four things to know in advance of every dog owner. 1. It is a long-term relationship Think about how your life will look like in ten years. Do you have children? Do you live in the big city? Think again if a dog fit in that picture. Your wife would like to have a cute Yorkshire Terrier? Unfortunately, that does not always go well with kids. Perhaps you now have enough space to run around a Golden Retriever in your garden, but how will it be if you are going to live in the city? The main reason that dogs end up in a shelter is because people change and a dog does not fit well in the changing lifestyle. The “lifetime” of a dog is hard to predict. 2. Your schedule will revolve around your dog Say goodbye to sleep late on weekends and the late fridayafternoon programs. Your dog expected his food and your given bathroom breaks. Once you have a set routine, he also expects that you stick to it. You can really stay away longer than eight hours. Older dogs need to occasionally stretch their legs and run an errand. And oh yes: you can forget the last-minute travel. As long as you can control any friend or relative who wants to look after your dog while you are away, you can not travel. 3. It is not free Especially pups: the first year of a dog asks a lot of money. This is the basic, so: food, equipment (collar, leash, bed, bowls), vaccinations, flea and worm medication. 4. Expect the unexpected Dogs are curious creatures and like to explore their surroundings. The downside: the risk that they eat something poisonous. Sometimes they him unexpectedly books across the street, they jump in (deep) puddles or high altitudes or roll them into bushes dotted with character. What this means for you? Towering bills at the vet. What can you do about it? Take a pet insurance.

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Retaining control over these things can make your life a lot easier. Spend money Shopping brings a flood of dopamine in the brains. Unfortunately, this feeling disappears soon after you purchase, says Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at the Emory University. Keep it under control by focusing on new experiences instead of new items you preserve the dopamine effect longer. You can also divide your pulse: research shows that fewer people spending large sums of money on others were happier than those who are spending a lot on themselves. Confrontations It’s hard to stay focused when you are angry, says psychologist Sarah Fischer of the University of Georgia. If you feel that you lose control, keep in mind that the insult that you want to throw will only cause more damage. Keep it under control, ‘Practice’ confrontations when you know there is going to come. Make yourself angry, Fischer recommends. “When your brain is overloaded with emotions, you can revert to the practice session.” Give yourself to calm down after this rehearsal directly, so that it goes easy when you really confront. Overeat Anger, stress and sadness can work much food in your hands, says Janet Polivy, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Thanks comfort food makes you feel any better, but this often quickly turns into stress and guilt. Keep it under control: Do you feel bad? Stay (far) away from food. “Try to do something you enjoy, so you quickly feel more cheerful. Eat at fixed times so you’re not tempted to tune your eating habits on your mood. Celebrate “The phrase” I can really relax when I drink “I often hear back in practice,” says psychologist Fischer. Alcohol can be a way to fill a void or at least as though you care to mention. Keep it under control: Wait 20 minutes between each alcoholic beverage at a party. Ask yourself why you tend to drink a lot. Are you angry or upset? Go do something else. If you don’t use alcohol as a way to feel better.

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Sex in other places than the bedroom can be very exciting, but we highly inadvisable the next places. “What is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?” – A question that is beyond sometimes. In your imagination you have probably often sex in an unusual location: the locker room, in the woods or in the backseat of the car. Make your imagination especially true but beware: some places guarantee incidentals such nasty bugs or sheer dangerous. Stripe the following locations from your list: In the car – while driving! Sex in the car? Then just stand stil. According to a study by the University of South Dakota 33% of men and 9% of women ever done sexual activity in the car, including penetration. The daredevils even said that this was also a regular hard drive, whether they admitted to fluctuate between the lanes. In the sand Sure, we all dream sometimes about sex on the beach. But once awakened, you realize that sex on the beach especially means sand in many places you want to avoid. It also can cause pain, cuts and infections makes it quite unappealing. Still trying? Rule than a deck chair with a big sand-free towel. In the bushes Lots of shelter -an ideal place for a thrilling quickie, right? Think once again to sign. They crawl through your leg up without you knowing and snuggle on your hot scrotum. In addition, these animals can also cay nast diseases with them, such as the Lyme disease. Underwater Seems easy – but it isn’t. Sex in the water is in addition absolutely not safe. Not only do condoms slips off easily, it also can dry her vagina and thus cause small abrasions. Sounds equal less tasty, right? And we have not even talked about chlorinated water;) On the balcony In the first instance, it sounds erotic and romantic, but it can also be dangerous. Last year, two students died in London after a fall of six high. According to eyewitnesses, they had sex at the railing on the balcony. In the office Unless you hate your job and do not mind to be fired you don’t have to worry. You’re not the first fact. Sure, it’s an amusing anecdote to tell once at a party, but less fun when you do get caught. Everywhere you can be spotted too easily The risk of getting caught is also what makes it exciting and interesting, we understand that. You not always know how safe a place is. Even if you have no cameras – for example, in a fitting room – see, it does not go unnoticed. In some countries, you can even be picked up if you have sex in public areas.

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Formerly, you wanted to postpone in the dating life so long as were possible, but boys became men, it’s really so far. 10 points in a row where you can recognize that you are in a serious relationship. And you may also be proud of it 1 You don’t have that not Facebook-official bullshit. Finally a lady who is not uncertain of the fact that you have never accepted that relationship request. Or better yet: she sends him disagree. 2 You have her picture as background on your phone After three broken relationships you chose this time voluntarily. Finally. 3 You are automatically assume that they will agree if you make a plan. Once she is ‘one-of-the-guys’ in your group of friends you know she is a keeper. 4 You will not be bombarded with messages if you only go out with your friends. Confidence, that is the key to a good relationship. 5 You rather go with your girlfriend to a festival or concert than without her. Okay, they don’t need the whole day to be around, just five minutes with a fake smile is enough haha. 6 You have created a shared account for groceries. Well so easy right? 7 You’re glad to cook together. The time that the woman had finished cooking when you came home is over. Fortunately, because this is the most pleasant time of the day. 8 You go to her parents alone. Honestly, say that her papa isn’t such a bad guy right. 9 You want to make a long journey Together traveling through South America? No problem! 10 You realize that understanding each other is a better option than breaking up. Or as our grandparents said: We came from a time when you tried to do something, if it didn’t worked, you didn’t threw it out!

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Lonely Planet putted 10 destinations in a row where you can fully enjoy without having to watch the pennies. If you book early flights and holidays outside school, you can travel cheaply to those budget-friendly destinations. 1. Estonia estonian-society Estonia has everything. Special cities, a rich history and a beautiful nature. From vast plains, to pine forests and a vast coastline. With a limited budget you don’t have to sleep in a hostel here but you can stay in a good hotel. You can enjoy a good meal here, circles indicate the bar and from pillar to post to travel without constantly having to check your balance. 2. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam Québec has a European flair, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can wander around for days and repeatedly discover new charming streets, dining in old skool restaurants and if you have more time you can explore the nature around the city. Here you will find namely the breathtaking Montmorency Forest and awesome wildlife in the Jacques-Cartier National Park. 8. Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica costa-rica This side of Costa Rica is less touristy than the rest of the country. You’ll find turtles, you can go rafting on the Río Pacuare and diving in the reef at Manzanillo. This is a recommend place for Surfers. 9. East Timor DarLaumountain Would you like to experience how it feels to travel in a country without tourists? Then East Timor will be an excellent destination. You’ll find secluded white sandy beaches, rugged mountains and very low prices. There is no proper infrastructure, but you should just take it for granted. 10. Western Australia westaustralia-top A trip to Australia on your bucket list? This is the excellent time to go! You don’t have many flying hours, but the favorable exchange rate of the Australian Dollar makes our budgetary point of view quite right.