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Colored Porsches cruising through the stunning Alps

19 July 2017

19 July 2017 539

Combining beautiful eye-catching Porsches with stunning locations is how we like to treat the eye! How these colorful Porsches drove through the Alps...

What an Amazing Audi Car Dipping Result.

10 June 2017

10 June 2017 280

Thought it would be cool to make a nice video out of some pictures for Nicks Garage 78! Follow and...

Again some amazing video edit from Andreas Hem, GTA IN REAL LIFE!

7 June 2017

7 June 2017 414

This video is sick and this guy, Andreas Hem is a great story on video maker which keep your interest...

Comfortably Loved, our new video!

5 June 2017

5 June 2017 72

My Sundays are comfortably loved! We made a new amazing, stunning f*** hot bikini pool babes edition. If you like...

Wake up with Ellie-Jean

5 June 2017

5 June 2017 442

Let’s start the week with no-one else than Ellie-Jean  The stunning blonde has an Instagram to dream of, the perfect...


5 June 2017

5 June 2017 521

Modern architecture in a place you do not expect An English cottage, would you like that? Probably not because you...

These are the most expensive rolexes ever

4 June 2017

4 June 2017 731

Quiz question! Who Wore The Most Costly Rolex Of All Time? Was that James Bond, Eric Clapton or Rajendra Prasad...

Old stable turned into brutal industrial loft

28 May 2017

28 May 2017 108

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city’s romance attracts millions of visitors annually....

The fixed mindset and the growth mindset

26 May 2017

26 May 2017 93

How do you make sure that you are better able to change your personal situation? Carol Dweck, a researcher at...

This is how to use a Porsche 911 GT3

24 May 2017

24 May 2017 1,531

We are Porsche fan. From the new Panamera to a custom Porsche Singer, the German car brand makes our heart...

This video shows why you should go to Vietnam once

23 May 2017

23 May 2017 81

Vietnam is a country of many faces, so you will find the most crowded cities with overpopulated streets, but also...