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Hey babearilla, that a pretty eensie-weensie, teeny-weenie polka-dot thingy you got going there. If all you boys and girls will clap real hard, Johnny can make bail! Get me the Lawyer Fairy!

by Chris Smith


The talented Melbourne based photographer, Chris Smith, is back in the magazine with this fantastic outdoors series, enjoy! Know more Chris at – and see more of his features here.    

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Sofija Milosevic

Sofija Milosevic featured

We would like to introduce you to Sofija Milosevic, a Serbian model, currently living in NYC. She is the type of beauty & brains because she studies psychology in addition to her model work. Recently, Lauren Engel knew this dream woman for C-Heads. Below the pictures      

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Katherine by Dalton Campbell

Katherine by Dalton Campbell featured

The beauty, charm, and sensuality of stunning Katherine (, captured by the talented photographer Dalton Campbell, enjoy! Know more about Dalton at – See more of his features here.  

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Nikita van der Linden by Sander van der Veen

Nikita van der Linden by Sander van der Veen featured

  For what it’s worth By Sander van der Veen Admire the sensuality captured in the most beautiful warm sun light by the talented Netherlands-based photographer Sander van der Veen! Know more about his work at – Credits: Model: Nikita van der Linden Make-up & Hair: Monica …

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Carolin by Markus Fischer


  The talented Germany-based photographer, Markus Fischer, is back in the magazine with this sensual series featuring beautiful Carolin, enjoy! Know more about Makus at – –  

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Bikini Babes Surf Edition #22

Bikini babes surf girls edition Get Addicted magazine featured picture

  Aloha   It’s time for the next edition of Bikini Babes! This time they’re not only modeling but also showing off their skills on the waves! Check the video above here and if that’s not enough for you we;ve also collected the best surfer babes pictures from Tumblr!  

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“Galina Dub dub dub dub. Although her name is similar to the Jamaican music genre, Galina is anything but slow and hairy. The brunette beauty is staggering and includes shapes which let your heart beats a little harder. A specific picture of the Russian beauty, the one where she is in …

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