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At this point you reach the sexual peak


We probably all know the point in the relationship where the steamy sex in every conceivable moment descend to ‘oh, once a week is enough, as long as we love each other. ”

The Archives of Sexual Behavior among early 3000 set between 25 and 41 years, three years, once a year. They asked include: How satisfied are you with your sex life? And: How often do you have sex?

The researchers found that the participants were the most satisfied with their sex lives in the second half of the first year of the relationship. This was the turning point: from this moment the sex wasn’t get better.

Why is your sex life the best in the 6th to 12th month? Probably because you currently know what your partner expects in bed, and you know in playing there. The fact that the relationship is still fresh makes the sex also exciting.

Good to know: cohabitation or marriage did not affect the sex life. The couples who were trying to get a baby were more satisfied between the sheets.

The couples who were most satisfied with thier sex life, knew ‘intimate communication well. How often they went from buttock, was not necessarily important for those sets.

The researchers have told that the study is limited, because of the age group and the questions in the survey, so more research is needed to understand exactly when someone is or is not satisfied with their sex life.


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