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The best reason to get a(nother) tattoo

The best reason to take a(nother) tattoo

Doubt for your first or a new tattoo? Time to bite the bullet. Here you have a good reason;)

New research from the American Journal of Human Biology shows that taking a tattoo is good for your immune system. Researchers were curious what the physical stress of letting a tattoo does for your body. To test this, they collected saliva of approximately 30 subjects before and after it’s put of a tattoo. They tested the saliva on the number of antibodies and stress hormones.

Logically, the researchers saw that was seriously increased the stress on the participants. Also, they saw a decrease of immunoglobulin A, an antibody of the immune system. The striking this: only those who got their first tattoo saw a significant decrease in this matter. For those who already frequently had put let the dust had hardly taken a tattoo, which means that the stress experienced by your body by taking a tattoo ensures that your system is stronger. The more ink you take, the stronger the effect.

We must be fair to say that it was a small study (the course was only only 30 people), but it sounds cool anyway: tattoos protect you from the flu. Stitch it in your pocket;)


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