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After how many dates you can have sex?

After how many dates you can have sex
After how many dates you can have sex

Probably the women find this more important and you determine less. But know these rules if you will avoid a blunder.

If the ‘third date rule “still apply? The results of a new survey about our dating behavior …

Maybe you’ve agreed strict rules with yourself to have bedroom fireworks. It’s fine to have sex the first time, wait at least five dates, or simply do it when it feels right? I won’t judge you anyway.

Recent research claims the magic number of dates for sex is: 3.53. After three and a half date the most people find it time to engage in sex.

11 000 people from 24 different cities were interviewed about their dating behavior. Also interesting: 1 of the 10 thinks it is ok to continue the evening in the bedroom after the first date. After nine dates the majority feel that you became an automatic all real couple.

In short, play or safe and seduced her on the fourth date. Unless the lady in question, of course, already emits signals earlier, it would be a sin if you give her the feeling you do not fancy it;)

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