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Get; The online magazine for men.

This statement complies with the heart of followers and editors. Our visitors are between 18 and 36 years old and are interested in our daily shared articles, videos and photos on the web. 50% of our followers reside in the US.

Think about our best following daily niche subjects we’re working with:

Fitness & Health
Sex & Dating
Cars, Bikes & Gadgets

Furthermore we’re working with a lot of trending side articles as:

Personal Development
Fashion & Style

Quality Advertising on Get Addicted

We’ve finally reached more than 100.000 visitors a month, many men have found and more will find their way to our weblog

Our contemporary traffic is generated by innovation, search engine optimization, consistency and social media, we’ve never payed for it.

These guys love tough relevant content that can captivate them, a line of thought which we like to see our future ad-partners. Our visitor follows for that what we speak in the categories above. Therefor we’re looking for advertisers in our style so your and our utterances will be better appreciated.

How it works?

There are different costs and payment options, we always look first at the purpose and efficiency of our campaign, helping and building is our holy grail, not just making money.

“If you’re working in the babe section we can show your banners just in our babe section to generate multitude quality traffic.”

“If you own a fitness webstore we can write and recommended your product in our health & fitness section.”

We’re showing flexibly at all events to work on a great agreement before we really start.

We’re working with;
CPC (cost per click) & CPM (cost per mile) banners, to choose from specific sections our on our whole website.
Related recommended articles about your product or brand.
Free affiliate webspace, (dependent on the product and commission)

All the data is measurable through access in our workspace and all commercial payment options are provided.

Ready for some professional branding and high quality traffic? Contact us now for more information and prices.

Giordano Drieman

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