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According to research; bearded men are dangerous

According to research; bearded men are dangerous

Like the most will say; women love bad boys and a stunt pilot with coarse hair. Research shows that men with beards also can be really dangerous instead of the clean-shaven counterpart. So does it mean that growing a beard is destined for your testosterone or is it that if you grow your beard you immediately feel yourself a bad guy?

Wide Census asked 2,000 British men what they bash for crooks behavior and the results were shocking. When the men were asked whether they ever handed out a few stumps, 45 percent of the bearded boys said yes compared with only 29 percent baby faces.

Turns out beards may actually be good for your health












Even when it comes to steal men with facial hair comes again badly off the bus. 40 percent of the barbs had to confess, only seventeen percent of the shaved males applied.

And finally: cheating. A word which give girlfriends palpitations and cold sweat. Again, the hairy Harry’s pulling the short straw. Almoste half, namely 45 percent, of the men say they are cheating, while only 29 percent of the smooth guido’s admitted that they cheated.

Conclusion: Men with beards are more honest, or they just get more mess out of life. With this result, however, we have owned the holy grail. To ensure that you are not too boring but not a total jerk who gets caught doing stupid things, you just have to keep up with the groomed beard. Not a monster of a beard but just a fancy beard which let many women slip on their desks;)

According to research; bearded men are dangerous

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