Tuesday , September 18 2018
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About us

Get Addicted is the online luxury, lifestyle & men magazine written in a world language. When the Playboy stops with her exclusive 18+ content you can go on, lost, or even Get Addicted on our platform. So it means that our context is not always for the younger visitor, let me explain it otherwise;

“If you never stole a Playboy from your dad or if the only boobies you saw, have been those from your mother, you shouldn’t click on all the articles we post”.

That means high probability a single life for all our redactors. Building exclusive and high quality content about sexy babes in a relationship.. No I’m kidding, it’s not true about the single life, we’re happily  taken by our girls and they hopefully & probably think the same about it, ha.

On the flip-side of it all it may be also a pleasure to entertain you and thousands of other followers daily than just of 1 woman who’s breaking your heart anyway. Yes, look around, unfortunately our new generation is born to break up, nevertheless I still believe in a never ending love story. Maybe it still exist, maybe because the ‘bad news’ is always brought outside and you not hear about the never ending love stories?  But we don’t like bad news here on Get Addicted! Exactly, time for an ‘eye pleasure’ revolution.

What you have to take out of this, we learn you about health, relationships, dating, sex, wealth, surrounded with sexy babes, travel, luxury, cars and many more men stuff! So Get Addicted to the Lifestyle we share. we taking you on the journey through Goodlife, with all the beauty our world has to offer. I hope you can appreciate our time and risks we took & take with it, your visit is really appreciated, thanks!

Like you may notice; nothing keeps undetected here. We discovering, exploring and sharing all the beautiful things with you! Ready for the awesome ride?;)

Giordano & Derren


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