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8 things she like more then a six pack
8 things she like more then a six pack

8 things she like more then a six pack

8 things she like more then a six pack
8 things she like more then a six pack

Of course she finds you sixpack ruggedly handsome. But that’s not your only body part that they approve at the beach (or in bed). Additionally, women have a differ in taste, the one likes other muscles than others. But here’s are eight muscle groups putted high on the list by every woman.

Strong underarms.

When women see strong forearms, they immediately think that you can do everything: ward off attackers, build a house and its features ultimate pleasure. So, roll up your sleeves and make sure your forearms are strong enough to live up to her expectations.

Sturdy ass.

You thought you could skip the buttock exercises do you? Women approve your buttocks cause the buttocks says a lot about your physical condition.
The better shape, the more attractive of course. Honestly, how attractive is if your bum when it look like a sagging bag hairy potatoes?

The V.

A wide back is essential to develop a v-shape, and women love it. “It was important in the past that we were protected from mammoths, we needed someone who could take us in protection” says sexologist Pega Ren.

Muscular shoulders.

” Strong shoulder muscles in combination with a broad back is irresistible for many women, ” says Nancy Etcoff, author of Survival of the Prettiest.

Rock-hard calves.

“Women want a man who radiates strength and overall fitness,” says Etcoff. “If a man looks like he can lift kilos can but no sprint to draw, then his body is not proportional. That makes it less attractive.”

Big chest.

“Women are just as fond of your chest as you on hers,” says sex expert Emily Dubberley.” “Kissing, fondling and licking a male breast is for many women a big turn-on.”

Big biceps.

Research among American Cosmopolitan readers found that 1 in 5 women literally melts (down there) at the sight of beautiful, big biceps.

Strong hamstrings.

Many women like to lie on top of and if she leans forward she rubs against your pubic bone. Strong hamstrings and glutes make it easier to please her as she lies on top of you and bend your knees. So your pubic bone protrudes and rubs it right over there.

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