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7 scientifically substantiated reasons for gaming

The next time there will be whining about your Playstation, you may use this. Here are seven reasons to play games more often.

You will be more convenient
An evening of your troops along the futuristic battlefields pilots, improves your agility. This is evidenced by odnerzoek of the Iowa State University. A survey of surgeons, it appears that those who arranged the controller in hand took 27% were faster and a third made fewer mistakes than their non-gamende equivalents.

You will be solution oriented
Grand Theft Auto is not just about hitting pedestrians. Or nouja, largely. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin namely discovered that gamers have the same thoughts as hypothesis-testing research in a laboratory. Reason enough to put on a lab coat with your next round GTA.

You make your brain stronger

Discovering a new environment enhances nerve impulses in the hippocampus, the part of the brain where stationed about long term memory. According to a study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex. The funny thing is: it does not matter whether you discover this area on a screen or in real life.

You become mentally sharper
Chess is fun and all, but for a turbo charger for your cognitive flexibility – the ability of your brains to switch between ideas – you need something more active, according to research from UCL. Playing fast strategy games like Super Hexagon makes your to-do list a breeze.

You become more social

You would not say. Yet research of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication that online gaming increases the social life of the players. The communication while gaming, they are also social in real life. Aggressive online behavior also had little effect on daily life.

You become less selfless

According to the journal Behaviour and Information Technology show that gaming – even if the players were playing anonymously – with others has a positive impact on behavior. Rise above the insults and create a team with the slightly more mature online players. So you can even potty FIFA office have a positive effect.

You become more creative
Whether you time death with Flappy Bird of zombies in Resident Evil, take up your console is a recipe for Da Vinci-like creativity. Researchers from the University of Michigan took the Internet and gaming behavior of 491 12-year-olds examined. Conclusion: The online browsing had no effect, but gaming improved drawing and writing skills of the children.

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