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6 signs that your 'sex life' is on summit

6 signs that your ‘sex life’ is on summit

Do you have a good sex life?

When you’re in the honeymoon period of your relationship, your sex life life should be totally awesome. But if you are together once a while, it is difficult to determine whether the current practices bedroom belong there or not. Is it time to improve your sex life? Here are six signs, to know if you are on the right track.

1. You are confident
You feel each other’s sexual needs and you feel yourself attractive and wanted. Even if you skip a week, or one of you is not in the mood, this does not define your entire sex life. None of you catch it personally. The key to this is to continue to actively communicate about what you want in bed. “- Sexologist Jane Greer

2. You give sex a priority
Your partner number one place is the key to a good sex life. Plan once weekly sex date. If couples do this, it is a sign that they want to please each other. – Ava Cadell, author of NeuroLoveology

3. You have a deep emotional bond
An emotional bond makes you feel wanted by your partner. Spend at least one hour a week to talk about how you think about your relationship and each other. – Clinical Sexologist Debra Laino.

4. Orgasms
Orgasms are not what sex is all about, but never ejaculation means there is something wrong in the relationship. As you together feel at ease, knowing what excites the other, taking time for each other and mutual respect. Talk to each other like this fog.

5. You have regular sex
There is no certain amount of sex that couples should have weekly, but there should be a certain regularity in your sex life. If both of you have been dry for a while, there would always be someone who should take the initiative says psychotherapist Kelley Kitley.

6. You masturbate regularly
Masturbation is good for both of you. Thank our biochemistry that sex gives more sex.

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