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5 ways to speed up your recovery

5 ways to speed up your recovery

Deplete your body is probabably mastered, but also to build it right? This is often the hardest part. Do it wrong, and you can cause yourself permanent damage. Do it right, and you’re back in the gym in no time.

Evening Snack

Train often late at night? Then, it may be difficult to continue to operate correct fuel inside. Nevertheless, let food be good for you. Researchers from a Dutch University found that eating protein before sleeping activates the amino acid in your body at night and increases protein synthesis accelerates 22%. \

Keep moving

Avoid a ‘training hangover the next day to train at low intensity. Research of the University of Glasgow shows that active days of recovery improve the circulation and reduce blood lactate. Both factors are associated with less pain. Alternate between heavy and lighter workouts to support every day of the week gains.

Other Job

Walks to the refrigerator after each episode House of Cards does not count as active recovery. Put on your swimsuit and head to the pool. Investigation of the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that athletes who swam to ‘rest’ the day after 14% performed better in the gym. The pressure of the water reduces inflammation of the tissue, allowing you soon will be in the squatrek.

Continue Rubbing

“Sports massage helps to relax your muscles and reduces the formation of scar tissue,” says PT Danny Fisher. “It reduces stiffness and improves circulation, which quickly restore your muscles.” Ten minutes is enough to reduce inflammation and to ensure that your muscles absorb more oxygen, according to McMaster University.

Hot and cold

An ice bath is not necessary, it is better to alternate between hot and cold. This is the best way to restore, according to the Journal of Science and Cycling. Stand under a cold shower (about 12 degrees), 1 minute, and turn the temperature than significantly up (about 40 degrees), three minutes long. Repeat four times. The warm water helps to relax your muscles and flush the accumulated lactic acid away. Finish with a cold shower. Use a warm towel. Done.

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