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5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds

In the time you scroll through the Facebook timeline, you can learn a skill. A skill that no longer can decreases. Below a short list of important skills that should be mastered by every man.

1. Sharpen knives

Your food cut with a dull knife makes cooking an uphill struggle. Keep the blades therefore always sharp by sharpening them well with a sharpening steel.

1. Take your non-writing hand sharpening with the point on a cutting board.

2. Take the knife with the other hand and place the back of the blade at the top of the steel.

3. Turn the blade at approximately 20 degrees to the steel on.

4. Cut the knife from the angle of 20 degrees along the steel down before it hits the cutting board.

5. Repeat five times on each side.

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds

2. Bowline knot

The pile stitch is a knot that is used to make a non-sliding in a rope loop. It is perhaps the most important knot. It does not provide a strong hold, it can be bound and unbound in a number of seconds.

1. Make a loop in the rope on the side of the fixed end. Let it hang loose on the end. Make sure that the loose end is on top.

2. Save the loose end around any neighborhood you want to attach the object an object such as a tree or a ring. Insert the free end of the bottom up through the small loop.

3. Bring the loose end under the fixed end.

4. Insert the loose end from above through the back loop.

5. Pull everything evenly. You do not have to pull very hard, the bowline is already firmly as he is still quite loose. The large loop is to the tree, ring, etc. The bowline is ready!

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds 2

3. Open the lock without a key

There are two reasons why you should learn how to open a lock without a key. If you are ever locked out, you can get back inside through this technique. The second is a just-as-important reason, because it means how easy it is for someone else to come in.

1. Place a tension wrench at the bottom of the keyhole, perform a gentle push in the direction you want to rotate the mechanism. That should be sufficient, so that there is pressure on pins in the keyhole.

2. Insert a paper clip or another pin at the top of the slot.

3. If you feel that moving the pins in the lock, then increase the pressure on the paper clip.

4. Enter the pressure by pressing the tension wrench until all pins are raised. Turn the tension wrench to open fully and lock!

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds 3

4. Boost confidence and reduce stress

Researchers at Harvard University proved that adopting good posture is important. Thus your confidence would boost and diminish stress.

1. Find a private room in your home or workplace

2. Stand up straight and keep your chin up. Maintain a straight posture, so you can not fall back into a bent position. Push your chest out like a superhero. In this position, you get a shot of testosterone by your body what resists a lot of confidence.

3. Hold for one minute position. Try to do this each time for an important meeting, interview or publicly speech.

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds 4

5. Cooking on a campfire

Cooking over a campfire is very essential when you like outdoor and traveling, but also if you want to cook an entire meal on the grill. This simple skill opens up a world of culinary possibilities.

1. Prepare a mixture of chopped vegetables, a piece of fish and spices.

2. Scroll all the food in a piece of aluminum foil. If the food must yarn slowly, make sure for an extra layer of aluminum foil.

3. Place the rolled up packet on the grill or in a bed of coals. Make sure that it’s not in the flames.

5. After 15 minutes, grab the packet out and enjoy a delicious meal.

5 Skills you can learn in 60 seconds 5


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