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5 signs to see if she has fake boobs
5 signs to see if she has fake boobs

5 signs to see if she has fake boobs

5 signs to see if she has fake boobs
5 signs to see if she has fake boobs

So you are a man of boobs!?

Don;t let you fool you and recognize the fake boobs in the big blue ocean with beautiful round ships!

If you have a holiday in the planning, a new date, our some partying the next Saturday, it all means boobs boobs and boobs. Once you set a foot on the beach, are in the club you get overwhelmed by the most impressive specimens, only enveloped by a small piece of clothes;)

Yet the most impressive breasts are a little too much by the book sometimes. The Netherlands where I grew up performed about 10,000 breast augmentations each year, which means enough silicone twins running around and they are really happy to show it to you.

And right here we like to offer some help. Together with a renowned plastic surgeon (Dr. Rowe) we have developed a useful checklist which you use to see if her breasts are real or not.

1. They are too close together
Most women’s breasts are about 5 to 7 centimeters apart, but implants will make that gap smaller. “Surgeons who inserting implants often have a tendency to push the silicon in it and they are as close as possible to turn against each other, almost the middle of the chest,” says Dr. Rowe.

2. They are too high
Another hint: Breasts too high on the chest. Normally they’re approximately in level with the armpits, but the silicon through her armpits are pushed inside ensures that they get stuck a lot higher. This is easier to see when a woman wears swimwear.

3. They are to roundy
“Natural tits having the form of a drop or a pear, but if it’s more like round watermelons it seems possible that they are fake,” says Dr. Rowe. This is because implants have a proportional distribution of content, giving them a round shape. Real breasts have more volume at the bottom.

4. Visible scars

5 signs to see if she has fake boobs
Plastic surgeons use one of the four different ways to insert implants. Through the navel, the crease between the breast and skin on the ribs (leave two symmetrical scars under the breasts back), through the nipples (she will first took her tip need to do off) or via the armpits. “When a woman is wearing a tank top and she lifts her arms, you should see five-centimeter-long scars on both sides of her armpits,” says Dr. Rowe. The belly button is also used for bowel surgery. The other cars are not used for other medical interventions.

5. You can hear something sloshing
Here you need bionic ears (or a very quiet room). Yet you can hear it when women have saline (an alternative to silicone) implants. They are able to make a light sloshing sound when they move back and forth. That’s probably because the surgeon fills the implants only when these are already in the chest. “If the implant is not completely full, it creates a bubble that can make noise. It’s not something you notice when a woman just walking down the street, but you can definitely hear it in a more intimate setting, “said Dr. Rowe.

So listen and look carefully, I think you’ll find it out from now;)

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