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5 Rules for the watch lover
5 Rules for the watch lover

5 Rules for the watch lover

5 Rules for the watch lover
5 Rules for the watch lover

There isn’t a right or good way to wear your watch, actually it comes down on your personal taste and the look that you cultivate. But even with that said, there are a few rules for every watch lover to know

1. Think of the occasion

5 Rules for the watch lover
No style aficionado should limit themselves to one watch. Chopping wood on Sunday, jogging on mondey, giving a presentation, visiting a gala etc Although, a good first everyday watch use and one for some dressier activities is the right start.
Most watches are designed to excel in specific circumstances. When its got more digital functions it’s ideal for the adventure. When it has a perpetual calendar and a gold case, wear it on special occasions.

2. Let it fit
5 Rules for the watch lover
Your watch hanging on your wrist or maybe on your hand so that the logo is visible on the back of your wrist? Not done! Remember that you wrist will expend when it’s hot, and shrinking when it’s cold. Make sure your watch is comfortable for every season.

3. Functional check
5 Rules for the watch lover
We can all check the date and time on our smartphones, but a non-working watch is less useful than a bracelet.

4. Be critical if it comes to the size
5 Rules for the watch lover
It’s trending toward oversized nowadays, but you can also choose too small. Try a watch and see how it fits on you. A huge clock may well radiate strength and wealth, but a more conservative size says a lot about your boundless self-control. Dare to downsize and marvel at how classic and refined a smaller dial feels.

5. Fuck the rules

5 Rules for the watch lover
Watch etiquette dictates that you watch should fit with your belt and shoes. Think of your wrist like a blank canvas. Sniff out exotic leathers, vivid colors and other unusual details. Make your statement with that particular watch!

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