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5 Reasons to masturbate tonight!
5 Reasons to masturbate tonight!

5 Reasons to masturbate tonight!

5 Reasons to masturbate tonight!
5 Reasons to masturbate tonight!

IF your girlfriend don’t want sex or maybe you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment! No problem, keep it solo tonight, read here why!

1. It keeps you healthy
An Australian study shows that men who are more than five times per week ejaculate run a third less prostate cancer risk. When you ejaculate the pathogens rinse from your ‘pipeline’.

2. It makes you harder

When you get older you lose muscle .. also below. By regularly masturbate or have sex to train your pelvic floor muscles, which prevents your erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

According to clinical sexologist Gloria Brame remains’ he will stand more upright. Three to five times a week will provide hard-hitting results.

3. You lasts longer
Started and train by yourself gives longer sex between the sheets. “If you masturbate an hour for your date, you have more control,” says Brame.

Train yourself by keeping at how long it takes you to ejaculate, “she suggests. If the solo game normally takes two minutes, try to do it the next time for three full minutes. After 50 sec ready? Build it up to 60.

Most men have doubled their time within a month. Practice makes skills, right?

Good for your immune system
By ejaculating the hormone cortisol is released, says hormone specialist Jennifer Landa. Cortisol may have a bad reputation because it is linked to stress, but a small dose can give your immune system a boost.

Improves your mood
With masturbation the neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin coming free. These substances improve your mood and activate the reward systems in your brains.

“An orgasm is the biggest boost dopamine your body can get,” says Brame. “A brain scan of people during an orgasm are similar to that of a person who syringe heroin.”



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