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4 tips to have sex in the period

4 tips to have sex in the period

4 tips to have sex in the period
4 tips to have sex in the period

Mostly and the most people are thinking that it’s not possible or ‘disgusting’ or maybe that is gonna be a ‘messy ride’. And maybe you have some other things in mind but I’ll leave that behind. But anyway, it’s not true! From now on, nothing will withhold some good pleasure!

Embrace the mess
4 tips to have sex in the period
Ok finally you can have a threesome! But don’t celebrate it to fast, cause the third will be a towel;). Don’t try to see it as nasty, but as a taboo thing you are willing to break. “Things that feel forbidden, can be a real turn on” says relationship expert Dr. Megan Fleming. “When you try things on the beaten path, it gives psychological reactions such as a rapid heartbeat” Your body sees this as ‘fear’ or ‘excited’, it’s just how your brains interpret the moment. See yourself as the badass who is prepared to go a step further;)

Ask for oral sex
4 tips to have sex in the period
The period-week = blowjob-week!:D Sex is not only about penetration so ask her for some pleasure!:)

See it as a new discovery
4 tips to have sex in the period
Risk or special moments brings people together, when you try something together it can be more thrilling.

Under the shower
4 tips to have sex in the period
Period sex under the shower does not only safes the towels and your bed, but the most of all; you don’t even notice it! Incidentally, it is recommended to use some lubricant in the shower because the body ‘lubricant’ will be washed away.

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