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30+ awesome wannahaves for men

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The ladies can forget the yogaclub! It’s time for the healthy blowjob!

12 November 2015

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Yes it will really ‘sucks’ when it’s not her hobby but finally there is some funny news to convince your...

George Clooney’s Casamigo; A dream home for sale

1 September 2015

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In the south of Mexico’s Baja peninsula you’ll find a real testimony of a true friendship. The friends George &...

Car Porn #5

18 June 2015

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It’s time to show you some hot awesome car porn again! It’s one of my favourite blogs. I don’t have...

Car Porn #12

27 August 2015

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Look inside the new accommodation of the Obamas

9 February 2017

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  After 8 years of living in the White House, the Obama’s made room for Uncle Donald in a stylish...

The Rhino XT: brutal jeep inspired by the Hummer HX!

30 January 2016

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In California you can find a company that gives cars an upgrade with a military-like style: US Specialty Vehicles. Take...

The best reason to take a(nother) tattoo

16 March 2016

16 March 2016

Doubt for your first or a new tattoo? Time to bite the bullet. Here you have a good reason;) New...

French architects made this awesome living base from a garage!

17 January 2016

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Like to own a house but you don’t get those expensive mortgages around? Buy a garage! A number of French...

Amazing loft with a stunning view on Istanbul

27 January 2016

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This spacious loft has been specially designed for a 45-year old bachelor in Istanbul. With the completion of the 185-square-meter...

Awesome shots #6

13 June 2015

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This edition and the photo’s that come with it are more than awesome!! I’m certain that with 50+ pictures this...

Men Steal – Weapons #4

6 June 2015

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Man cave in Buenos Aires

3 January 2016

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This complete concrete villa is located in a golf ranch in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and therefore is has been aptly...


13 April 2017

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It’s time for the next edition of our CAR PORN! In this edition, we’ve tried something new, something special, something...

Mark McMorris and Seb Toots Shred Custom Built Terrain Park

25 March 2017

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RedBull feels its home in spectacular sports and they are always willing to make a media spectacle. This time they...

Awesome shots #3

23 May 2015

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I’m driving, touring and visiting the most beautiful places in the next few days. It’s time to show you and...