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3 ways for a faster recovery

3 ways for a faster recovery

The Foam Roller isn’t the only way to soothe your aching muscles. These three methods work equally well.

Foam Roller is an effective way to speed up your recovery. You massage the knots in your muscles and improving your circulation. But it is only one of many tools that you can use before, after or during your workout to increase your mobility and bring your recovery momentum.

You’ve probably never considered the three options below;

Use a barbell to loosen your calves and Achilles tendons, this is especially recommended after a hard run. Place your lower legs on the bar (or rather one leg at a time on the handle of a dumbbell or kettlebell) and slide them back and forth to loosen adhesions.

Resistance Band
Create a strong resistance band attached to for example a squatrek. Step with one leg in the other side of the band. Walk forward, away from the rack so that stress will be placed on the tape. If all is well, is the band tightly around your ankle. Bag a few times over your knees and repeat with your other leg. So you reinforce your ankles and improve the mobility of your ankles.

Your goal: buttocks and chest. The benefit: improving the mobility of your hips and upper body. Sit on a softball and move slowly back and forth. How to make your muscles loose, which can get caught by sitting too long. Repeat with the ball between your chest and the wall.

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