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Qui, Apartment À Paris1 Qui, Apartment À Paris! Two things that really don’t have to be decisive for the image of a house or apartment: size and age. By which we mean: a house or apartment can be old and small and still win your heart. Case in point: this Parisian apartment. It is small and old but fabulous modernized. Old and new go hand in hand with the atmospheric look and the natural materials. The highlight is our opinion formed by a long walnut wooden wall that separates the living room and kitchen from the bathroom and laundry room. Qui, Apartment À Paris!8 Qui, Apartment À Paris!2 Qui, Apartment À Paris!11 Qui, Apartment À Paris!7 Qui, Apartment À Paris!4 Qui, Apartment À Paris!5 Qui, Apartment À Paris!6 Qui, Apartment À Paris!3 Qui, Apartment À Paris!9 Qui, Apartment À Paris!13 Qui, Apartment À Paris!14 Qui, Apartment À Paris!12


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Sleep is an quite important aspect in existence. Less sleep can cause anxiety, irritability and impair memory, which turns in impairing your productivity. But as everyone knows, sometimes it’s difficult to close an eye. Example, the AEX fell 0.1 percent, or if you’d like a pet, but your girlfriend dislikes it; pick up that animal or your girlfriend? Yes, difficult choices;) Sometimes you have to hold back some days for rest, but not during the day but then sleep eight hours. Here are some tips how you have more energy during the day. Daylight Natural light in your face is more pleasant and better than that light coming from your smartphone. Daylight is also important to start the day tasty, it sees to it that the hormone melatonin – the hormone that inhibits make us sleepy. Therefore: try to work near a window and go during the break outside. Natural light helps to counteract fatigue. Breathing Not really something that many people do, but breathing exercises work. Five seconds inhaling through the nose and out the mouth by two seconds. Five times. This stimulates the heart rate. Make some time that you are away from colleagues, hear someone breathing is no fun. Cold water Yes, this is drama, this is crying. Nobody wants to read this. But it works, thirty to sixty seconds under a cold shower stimulates adrenaline, what you nervous as fueling and prepares you for the day. Eat short, little but often If you have a lack of sleep, it is not advisable to work inside killer lunches. Your body has to work less hard when you eat frequently throughout the day, but smaller portions. Less coffee consumption Yes, almond soy milk latte machiatto sounds like music to the ears, but coffee is not really sure that you can pop throughout the day. Caffeine may even cause your concentration slipping. A dose of 50mg to 100mg is ideal to promote alertness. Drink about every four hours and stop in time with coffee. Protein power Protein is actually always the best idea. Muscles need to be fed in order to recover from chest workout. Without jokes, as everyone knows carbohydrates provide you energy peaks, but soon afterwards you also throw carbohydrates back into a deep valley where you never come true and you crave for a power nap. So, get a good supply of protein-rich resources to get through your day. Caffeine nap This is the only technique where a nap is involved. If you really need some sleep, drink a cup of coffee before you go to pieces. Set your alarm 25 minutes later and you will wake up rejuvenated. Caffeine has about 45 minutes to be recorded, so it will strike again after it.