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Buy those ten libido-enhancing foods so that you will be sure you’re more in the mood for bedroom firework than a game of snoring. 1. Cayenne “Red pepper provides long-lasting erections, powerful ejaculations and orgasms instense,” says food writer Kate Percy. Red pepper acts as a vasodilator hangover. It relaxes your blood vessels and increases the oh-so important blood flow to the penis. 2. Shallots Yoga practitioners prefer to eat onions gene, because they can be as hyper-sexual of. Iranian research gives equal. Then they let rats drink onion juice, they saw their testosterone levels as much as tripled. 3. Watermelon An American study showed that the amount of the amino acid citrulline six pieces of watermelon is enough to relax your blood vessels. Including the blood vessels in your penis. Need we say more? 4. Romaine lettuce Romaine lettuce is packed with beta carotene. Your body converts this substance into vitamin A, essential for the production of testosterone. Guys who do not get enough vitamin A ingestion do not enter puberty, and men who consume too few have a low testosterone level. 5. Whole wheat pasta “Whole grain pasta is rich in minerals and vitamins,” said Percy. A serving of cooked whole wheat spaghetti provides more than the half RDA of selenium. This protects your testosterone-producing cells from the heavy metals that you ingest daily. 6. Chocolate If you eat cocoa in the form of pure chocolate it relax blood vessels, thereby almost immediately and will probably give your penis an erection easily. The less sugar you ingest while, the stronger the effect. 7. Cauliflower Cauliflower is indole-3-carbinol, which brings your testosterone level in the elevator. 8. Celery When you eat celery you become sexually attractive to women. In the vegetable is androstenone, a testosterone-like substance that emanates from your skin. In experiments, especially young women respond positively to men with a high concentration of androstenone around. 9. Oysters For your testosterone production zinc is indispensable. You need 15mg of the metal daily. The best natural source? Oysters. A serving of 85 grams gives you ten times of what you need daily. 10. Natto In each Toko there is natto. It is made of gefermenteede soy and contains the most active form of vitamin K that we know: vitamin K7.


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