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Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-3 Like all the nations try to express that their ‘LIFE IS GRAND’, the Swiss have also been creative with their own selection cult influences. In the Kameha Grand Zürich are more than 200 rooms, lounge rooms and suites, each with a unique and recognizable ‘Swiss’style.
‘It’s the perfect setting for creative ideas, impressive presentations, dreamlike events. Be surprised and inspired by our extraordinary overall concept.’
Designer Marcel Wanders conceived chocolate-like wall panels, Toblerone-shaped sofas, mini bars in the form of bank safes, and lamps fashioned from cow bells. Each and great representations of Swiss successes. Those elements are very ‘perky’ of course, but also very stylish. Watches and knives is you main thought but you wouldn’t expect this at all;).   Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-19 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-20 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-21 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-29 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-23 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-24 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-26 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-27 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-28 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-10 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-18 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-32 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-22 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-30 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-5 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-6   Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-14 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-15 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-25 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-33 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-36 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-37 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-12 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-7 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-8 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-9 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-13 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-31

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When the cat’s away, the mice will play. She will do this as soon you set a foot outside the door. And it aren’t solo sessions with vibrators and squeezing pimples. But who knows, she is actually doing this: 1. She looks at your favorite series without you. 7 things she does when you're away A recent poll by Harris Interactive shows that 57 percent of women are willing to break your Netflix faithful and just watch your favo series alone. Nothing to worry about, incidentally, probably she’s just a little pissed that she sits on the couch … and you don’t. Think of it as a mini-revenge, because you are out with your mates again. 2. Or she looks a weird documentary. 7 things she's doing when you're away Once she is alone, she looks the weirdest documentaries. They will never admit that Crazy Serial Killers, Ghost Hunters and My 600 Pound Life looked – scared that you find it weird. Watching together with you is not an option, because they do not feel at ease. Why are women wathcing this? “Women have more interested in emotions, ways of thinking and the strangest aspects of the ‘human’,” says dating coach DeAnna Lorraine. “They love the drama of life, men often the thrill of competition.” 3. She looks at herself in the mirror, naked. o-MIRROR-570 Before it makes happy very immediately: it’s not that she see herself naked to worship. It’s rather critical. A recent British study shows that more than 50 precent of all women looking at least 10 minutes in the mirror, and they are not satisfied with that what they see. Women holding their stomach in, watching their ass and see all the irregularities of their skin. How do you block this process? Once she’s dressing in the morning you tell her she looks great. No makeup, no hair done, quite natural. Say you love here how she is and look natural. 4. She dances around. 7 things she's doing when you're away There are two reasons why she’s imitates Miley Cyrus during the VMA’s: she is practicing moves for you or still hopes to break through as a pop star. “When we dance, we feel sexy and feminine,” says Lorraine. Also stripteases are performed exclusively at the time when she is alone. She might want to give you a lap dance, but dare not. How you can encourage her to strip? Ask after a few drinks if she wants to dance for you. Emphasize that you find her very sexy, sit back and enjoy. 5. She eats everything that is not nailed down. 7 things she's doing when you're away Is she always eating tidy little mice bites? You should see her eat if she’s home alone. Probably she’s plundering the fridge and pantry – without shame. “We don’t feel free to eat anything at the moment if there’s sitting a men next to us,” says Lorraine. 6. She does strange beauty rituals. 7 things she's doing when you're away Squeezing pimples? We saw that one coming. But bleaching her mustache, plucking her toes, removal of ingrown hairs ..? Yep, she does it. “We absolutely don’t want to have it. We hope you think that we looking naturally, “says Lorraine. Behind that pretty little face is a lot of work:) 7. She looks at the Facebook page of her ex and scrolls through Pinterest looking for wedding dresses. 7 things she's doing when you're away Both of these things sound scary, but there is no need to panic;) 70 percent of women take a look at the Facebook page of her ex. Not because she misses him, but more to check whether her life is better than his. And those wedding dresses? That is a kind of fairy tale for her. Every girl dreams of ever resulted in a princess dress to the altar to be. This has nothing to do with plotting concrete wedding plans.