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How exciting can a web address be? Pretty exciting, the millions are counted down here and there for a domain. After a journey through the database of DN Journal Came the ten most expensive ‘.com’ domains upwards. Bizarre deals which made some smart guys very rich. Note: This list only mentioned the domain names that are traded after 2003. Clothes.com – 4.9 million dollars Zappos Shoe Company has nearly five million dollars coughed for clothes.com. Zappos has been owned by Amazon, but clothes.com still links to Zappos’s apparel section, and not to the main Amazon site. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted
  Toys.com – $ 5 million Toys.com was originally sold for “only” 1.25 million dollars due to the bankruptcy of the former owner. Days later, the site was re-auctioned and bought by Toys “R” Us for $ 5,100,000. Toys.com links to the official website of Toys “R” Us. The-most-expensive-website-domains-ever-sold-Get-Addicted
  Slots.com – 5.5 million dollars A gambling site whose owners cashed more than a million dollars per character. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted Slots
  Z.com – 6.8 million dollars Japanese ISP GMO Internet-Provider bought Z.com from Nissan Motors for 800 million yen, about $ 6.784 million. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 1
  Diamond.com – $ 7.5 million Odimo.com handed the domain to an online jewelry retailer called Ice.com. It became one of the most expensive domain swaps of the time. The site offers an ‘error’ right know. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 2
  We.com – $ 8 million Businessman Alf Temme had we.com nine years in succession, but sold it last year for $ 8 million to Wealth Evolution, a Chinese bank. It was one of the better deals of Temme. In 2010 he was namely sued by Microsoft for recording ho0tmail.com and hot5mail.com, which he used to redirect visitors to other websites. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 3
  Porno.com – $ 9 million The story around porno.com is one for the textbooks about the buying and selling domain names. “Domain King” Rick Schwartz bought the web address in 1997 for $ 42,000 by a student, who had scored it for $ 5,000 the week before. In subsequent years, he earned more than $ 10 million without even placing one erotic movie. However, he used the site to redirect visitors to other websites. In February Schwartz sold the site for $ 8,888,888 million to a company in Prague that operates Swingers.com and PornoTv.com. porno dot com Get Addicted
    Porn.com – 9.5 million dollars In 2007 porn.com was sold to MXN Limited. At that time it was the largest domain transaction paid with cash. porn dot com Get Addicted
  Fund.com – $ 10 million This deal did quite a stir, because the domain was purchased with cash (exact dollar 9.99995 million by a company that dipped itself already to fund.com. After the flashy deal, Fund.com got into trouble. Jason Galanis, the man behind the company, therefore, has a special history. If you go to the site right know, there will nothing happening. walter-white-money
  Sex.com – $ 13 million You don’t expect it; sex.com is here the leader with 13 million. The domain entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive domain name ever. Escom LLC, which has gone bankrupt, sold it in 2010 to Clover Holdings Ltd. This is how you get more adventurous and hotter sex