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Sport Illustrated is not new for us right, especially the last and new sexy shots they did! But this recently posted video is really the creme de la creme. Samantha Hoopes, we love you!

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Our beautiful earth has to offer much beauty. Unfortunately it is not possible for everyone to behold all that natural beauty. Luckily there are people who are prepared to travel the world for us and make drone images where you will be speechless about. Christian Grewe traveled for his film Airtime by 12 countries around the world to make a breathtaking footage from the air. Enjoy at your desk, kitchen table or livingroom with everything Grewe encountered on his 80,000-kilometer adventure. Set in the desert of Dubai, the urban spaces of Hongkong or the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, “AIRTime” is a 4K drone film, which chronicles a mix of travel experiences filmed across 12 countries over 7 months. The film contains several different trips, one around the world, one to South Asia and some short trips around Europe.

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You know them, those commercials where no models are needed, but where they go for “real women”. That so-called women from society still Photoshopped to all Jesus, and they are always exactly in the right light and right corner to make it still the best possible look we take but just for good measure, because we have no natural nitpicker. Would also work as an approach to “real men” they must have thought at American Eagle Outfitters … Well, see it for yourself here. Oh and thumps up for Iskra!

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Allow your known for your gentle somewhat sarcastic comments? Here is the proof that you are indeed clever. You know him well, the colleague who always rolls his eyes and is just a little sharper than you. Beware, strong possibility that he runs of the promotion. Recent research, published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, shows that the use of sarcasm in the workplace makes you a creative thinker. Researchers from Harvard and the European business school INSEAD analyzed sarcasm in a laboratory by simulating participants conversations. In the first study, participants had to say something sarcastic or sincere, just listen to what was being sarcastic or sincere, or have a neutral conversation. In a second experiment, participants had to remember a time when they were saying something sarcastic, sincere or neutral. And in the third experiment, they had to give a sarcastic, sincere or neutral reaction to a joke. Then the group was to carry out a creative assignment. This showed that the participants who received the sarcastic command each time, were significantly more creative. Researchers explain this as follows: making a sarcastic remark makes sure you can think abstractly and you better have some literal or figurative meaning of a comment. That includes getting a sarcastic response, but you have to know and trust that person. Otherwise sarcasm can lead to conflicts, because you don’t know well if they believe it or not.