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Isn’t it strange,, these boobs are real funky! That means they will always bring you in the mood too scqueezeee, scquezee in that mouse baby.. ehh boob guy;) Cause they feel good and are fun to watch, what should I say more? Oh and I almost forgot to tell or ask; If you really want to know why we love boobs so much!? Read and check our last edition! KNIJPELS-25-685x1024 jetsers_delen-4 jetsers_delen-13 jetsers-1 jetsers-29 jetsers-82 jetsers_delen-8 jetsers-91 jetsers-61 jetsers-132 jetsers-151 jetsers-192 jetsersss-3 tumblr_ntr99dNQU01smydn8o1_500 kannonnennn-12 Knetter_jetter_teter-20 lekkerre_bitchess-28 stoeipoes-28 tumblr_nz33cbbX5Y1tjd582o1_1280 tumblr_mqkae06sJf1qg7sdjo1_500 jetsesrs-7 vette_tittnn-9 tumblr_o0llcdG7R11tjd582o1_1280 tumblr_nmv4vdBKeJ1tjd582o1_400 tumblr_nzhak2v6Ih1u1leqjo2_500 tumblr_nn3x6fg7sD1qjflppo1_250 tumblr_nqj3aqvEq01trmx0mo1_500 tumblr_o1qtuwYKiE1uz3884o1_500

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Two men who often occupy the minds have beaten thier hands for a bet on high level. Dan Bilzerian and persona non grata Lance Armstrong are partners in crime this week. In fact, in typical style, Dan Bilzerian concluded a bet with an amount of $ 1.2 million. What should he do to win? From his home in L.A till Las Vegas on bike within 48 hours. That equate 278 miles in the pedals. Because Lance has no cycle games anymore he has enough time to coach the eccentric poker player. The bet was concluded with Bill Perkins. The entrepreneur and amateur poker player wants to see if Mr. Bilzerian can cycle the ride without dying. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” hasn’t sat on a bike for eighteen years so can he can use the help of “Big Tex”. It might be smart if Perkins set a mandatory doping test. You never know it with cycling;)

A 23-year-old skateboarder from Russia wanted to drive down a mountain and that his department would be recorded on video. Well, that is certainly successful, but also recorded is that he pops up with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour against a car. And he had definitely luck, because he only kept a few bruises and a concussion kept after this ride.

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If there is one thing that should arouse in your dreams it will be achieving financial carelessness. Let’s be realistic, all those things you dream about (women on your yacht, travel far and colossal houses) do not pay themselves. But in these difficult times, which some call ‘the recession’ is generating a decent income about as easy as recovering your nice ex-girlfriend. So when you look at those billionaires it seems logical to think that they have some ‘super power’ or ‘gift’. But no, it are just people. Just like you. They do have some (character) properties which it has allowed to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. You could just have the same features as the wealthy elite has on earth. Take a look at the list below. Learn how to be a billionaire and ask yourself: how big is my difference of those people? 1. You does not shy away when you fail The creation of empire is not without struggle. Research has shown that billionaires not only the one to come up with an idea that others simply do not come. No, they are just the ones who are constantly searching for improvements and optimizations. They dare to take risks and learn from mistakes instead of giving up. 2. You have an diploma Yes, you read that high-profile billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs were school dropouts. They earned ridiculous amounts while their fellow students were learning neat. But when we look at the actual figures, we see that 77% of all billionaires have at least stand a bachelor’s degree to their name. So be cool, stay in school. 3. Your star sign is Aquarius Looked at the statistics showed that the most billionaires have the constellation Aquarius. So if you are born in the month of January / February, then your horoscope probably looks like this: Aquarius: “The chances are that you are buying a yacht. Or an island or something .. ” 4. You are a work-aholic The 9 till 5 workday just feel like a warming-up, then you have this in common with the billionaires. They are constantly working on new ideas and improve them while workers at five drop their stuff and fill their time with their sofa and endlessly staring Netflix. 5. You are constantly trying to improve yourself When your bank account approximately equal to that of Bruce Wayne do not you just settle yourself. Billionaires are constantly improving skills, develop new skills and acquire more knowledge. Reflect yourself what your passions are, think about what you’ve always wanted to do / and do something with it. 6. You have a modest lifestyle Okay, this is certainly not for every billionaire. if you can consider yourself later for the rich of the rich, we recommend that you definitely do not live a sober modest life. But we see that billionaires focus them more on work, rather than the extravagant spending of money. 7. You are curious by nature If there is one thing that all billionaires have in common is their passion / desire to know and want to learn everything constantly. 8. You take risks Whether you are a school drop-out, cancel your job to start your own business or invest in stocks where no one believes in, billions of money without risks is not possible. If you opt for safe choices there is a real chance you earn a steady income, but the millions of billions we dream will not be realized. 9. You are productive in your free time According to some billionaires is the key to wealth very simple: Boredom, this course is to good use. Stupid web page scrolling and Netflix episodes nonstop will not produce billions. Are you the one uses his spare time productive, it is likely that you will be successful. 10. You don’t see money as the motive Of course, we may dream of an extravagant lifestyle, but this should not be the driving force to develop a specific idea / concept and to undertake. This should result from passion. The passion and the urge to actually develop your idea or product and make it successful.

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The biggest and most extravagant hotels and houses you usually find on oil stateless amidst the desert, but in Singapore they either take some of the pie. The “Interlace Building Complex has 1,040 apartments and place for 2,600 people. Spending your days is certainly not a punishment cause this ridiculous awesome stay is also equipped with several swimming pools, parks and roof terraces. If you want a place in this small village you have to count on a big purse because it seems that the cheapest apartment costs you one and a half million. App complex 2 App complex 3 App complex 4 App complex 5 App complex 6 App complex 7 App complex 8