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Matt Mingay has a tough job. If you see him at night, you would not expect that he puts his daytime life and body at stake in mindblowing stunt shows; Matt is in fact a true stuntman. In practice, that means a lot of wheelies, drifts and other antics. Of course, that is not always good, but our Matt isn’t afraid and don’t hesitate to get end with rib fractures so he turns on his mechanical horse. In other words, he looks like the line between awesome and insane. It provides the nest performance!

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Normally, the ancient of days, old people are not to burn on the road, a worn Volvo will often chugs painfully on the road. More interesting is to see what happens when two gray-haired ladies driving a Lamborghini for one day. The ladies draw a lot of attention in the awesome Lamborghini Murcielago. They even suffer from a 65+ gold digger on the parking from a supermarket. Spicy spicy cup for two aunts!

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It isn’t easy to burn athletes fat: your body namely opt rather for all available carbohydrates as an energy source than it appeals to your stored fat. Bring your body into a ketogenic state – when your body stores fat as fuel – is something that some men try to have in control in their lives. But with Get Addicted’s advice and a little help from your bedpartner, your fat burning zone is in fingertips from know. According to recent research published in the journal Obesity, men can force their body into a fat burning mode by simply increasing the oxytocin in the blood. Yes with sex! This hormone is released directly namely after consuming love. Another stroke of luck: researchers from the University of Montreal showed that men burn an average of 100kcal during sex (women only 69). This means that every time you go to bed can save with its 222 calories – if you has the maximum. No wife? No worries! A partner is not essential for fat burning. Let it go Look at a sad movie and let your emotions flow. According to the NY Academy of Sciences, this can raise your oxytocin to 47%. With your clothes on You can also generate by hugging a hormonal peak (with anyone) (preferably with your great love) (if it can, not your mother), according to the University of North Carolina.

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When you divide your time between work, family and at least three social media channels and proper training…(enough) Especially when you’re busy during that training checking emails, checking out women and drinking protein shakes. According to a survey of Men’s Health UK among 500 men, the average man is definitely a half hour at the lounging during his training. Sin of your (precious) time. Read how to make your workout more efficient, so you actually achieve your goals. 1. Give your thumbs a rest Your average workout consists mainly of typing Whatsapp messages? Then ask yourself the following question: What am I doing in the gym ?! You’re wasting your valuable training time and gym subscription to something you could do anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Do yourself a favor and wait at least until your cooldown by touching your smartphone. 2. Find a workout buddy According to the survey, most men are at least 10 percent of their time wasting waiting or re-installation of fitness equipment. So start looking for a partner, once you finish your set, he or she can begin with the claim and preparation of the next device. 3. Stop staring, focus on your stance It is good to analyze the landscape in between your sets, but remain always a gentleman. Stop staring at that chick. You not only achieve quicker, but you also occurs less rapidly as a creep around. 4. Rest, but don’t be lazy You will need to rest, but are your rest periods effectively? Too little rest is in fact not good for you. With a standard routine workout – say 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, more than five exercises – you can rest 60 to 90 seconds after each exercise.