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And because it is Johnny thought is was time to bring you guys a small charitable present for all the loyal women lover and followers we have. So if you don’t have a photoshoot with a lovely beautiful lady tonight we presenting you 26 reasons to stay inside tonight;) tumblr_n219sfhXNm1s87941o1_1280 tumblr_nsck9lmxB01tmhwiho1_1280 tumblr_nnjcgykhdE1u8zrloo1_400 tumblr_nnf4hzp32K1smzd3oo1_1280 tumblr_nwz45xXivD1sohwnao1_500 tumblr_mzfy1ncOtd1sni7y4o1_1280 tumblr_nraa6t5Kqt1rszfieo1_1280 tumblr_nqwx7xaSIV1u462dao1_500 tumblr_ny2exsD86N1s87941o1_500 tumblr_ndooih0wvc1s9sr6mo1_500 tumblr_nmih804w3x1rszfieo1_1280 tumblr_nojre65R8t1qeelato1_1280 tumblr_nuubjjaVBy1r0gp1xo1_1280 tumblr_m49a9eiRmS1r6o1sqo1_1280 tumblr_nnxb0qRQNT1u1ljjeo1_1280 tumblr_npirjgq00G1tjdcbro1_500 tumblr_nqfzysC1oT1s6m3fho1_500 tumblr_nqjgmnicC11tl7uxlo1_500 tumblr_nt2fkl3g9f1t8w951o1_1280 tumblr_nu76kzTF6l1tmhwiho1_1280v tumblr_o251dlTqFM1rszfieo1_400 tumblr_nxwx1bv1LV1s1yyi3o1_1280 tumblr_nyrgahW4De1r6eyr0o1_1280

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Noting is so changeable as the weather. One day you can enjoy skirt weather and the next day you can already skating on the way to work. And the climate change might just be worse. And you might just learn dealing with it. Thus. $ 65,000 saving to buy a Sherp ATV off road mini monster truck from Russia. A bit of snow or ice on the road really don’t matter, because with a speed of 44 kilometers per hour on land and 5.9 kilometers per hour in water you can get anywhere. Amd most of all, you can have fun with the Sherp ATV!

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Today we show you a wonderful dream house again. This time in the English countryside. Located in the south of the United Kingdom, is the rustic village Wlitshire, Ansty. Green hills, sheep in the pasture, 200 days a year rain and baked beans for breakfast. Delicious, England! Best renovation The house was built in the 60s of the last century and renovated in 2015. Project manager Andy Townend wanted to keep the retro feel of the home. And it succeeded. The rural house is built on a steep slope. So you have a morning splendid views over the English countryside. The property has even won the Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards. The house has been declared best renovated house in 2015. woning woning1 woning2 woning4 woning5 woning6 woning7 woning8 woning9 woning10 woning11 woning12 woning13

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You ever wondered if the bartender just ‘tonic’ minds, instead of gin and tonic? Or maybe you stand every Saturday again for hours to hang out at the bar before you get your drink? Three bartenders told us the secrets of their work behind the bar. 1. Ice = best friend? It’s nice that your cocktail is cold, but some bartenders are very excited with the ice. Are they doing this so you end up with less alcohol in your glass? Probably not, says Scott Young, founder of TheBartendingMasters.com. In his life Young has already poured about 900,000 drinks. “Most pubs have the amount of drink you get predefined in your glass. Whether you have much or little ice in your glass, the amount of drink is the same. ” That said there is a reason that a lot of ice being thrown into your drink. A glass full of ice gives you the idea that you drink will be watery soon, so you drink it faster and order a new one Young explains. 2. They sometimes pay less alcohol than you think Sometimes the idea that whiskey-coke consists mainly of coke? That could be right said Hanna, barmaid in a big city. She sometimes gave deliberately less alcohol when I have the impression that you’ve enough. But what is enough? “A double tongue and poor motor skills are good indicators,” said Wachtel cocktail expert April. According to her bartenders taking always err on the side of caution. They will first observe the person before they decide to pour less alcohol. 3. They want eye contact When you as a backward stand shouting or waving, they will really not quickly come to you. Do you want the attention of a bartender or woman? Stand as close as possible to the bar and try to look at him or her. Show that you are ready to order. 4. Some bartenders are allowed to drink on the job, so buy a shot for them It is there in the pub / bar / club you are. If it can, you offer a drink from the bartender or woman. Opt for a shot. They will not feel at ease when they are about to sip on wine or beer – a shot is easy, they will appreciate it. 5. They tell other pubs about your misconduct Once making a fuss walk into a pub, when you had about six too much? Big chance that the adjacent bars know you to. ‘Misbehave in my bar? I tell it absolutely against the bar owners in the neighborhood,” says Hanna. 7. They are professional flirts They already have a lot of vamps see failing, so you can use them to succeed yours. For example, write a puzzle on a beer mat, and let the bartender deliver it the nice lady on the other side of the bar. Tell him that he can pour a drink if she solves the riddle. “You give her a job where she focuses her attention on. So she is not immediately concerned with whether you are cute enough for her, “says Young. 8. They appreciate gratuity According to Young you should assume a 20 percent tip if the service is good. “Bartenders life for the tip,” says Young. Ten cents gratuity for each beer does not pay the rent. Tipping in cash shall be most appreciated, even if you pay with your debit card. Want the best service, and you know that you just keep drinking there? Then put a note of 20 on the bar at the beginning of the evening. So you’re sure you’re going to be well served throughout the evening.

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Is cheating the cause of your genes?
This little detail makes the chances of cheating twice as big. Lewd behavior is in our genes, according to new research from Texas Tech University. The university asked people whether their parents cheated once. Nearly half of respondents who reported that their parents were cheated, went himself strangely. The risk to cheat was twice as large than they with fidelity parents. This means that mom and dad, along with the satisfaction in a relationship and your own personality, one of the main predictors of infidelity, says study author Dana Weiser. According to Weiser, the tendency to folly committed is partially genetically . Other researchers discovered earlier that it has to do with biological characteristics, such as a particular type of dopamine receptor that makes you want more partners in a lifetime. But Weiser also think your parents create a sample of what you expected later in a relationship. Has your father ever cheated? Then grew the idea to you that monogamy is not feasible. This way of thinking is thus a self-fufilling prophecy. Incidentally, it is not immediately need to panic if your parents (or its) have not always been faithful. You’re not suddenly doomed their faults says Weiser. Certainly not when you figure what effect this has had on yourself. Ask for an interview with your partner when you discuss your vision of monogamy. And remember, a much more important indicator of cheating is your satisfaction in the relationship. By putting new energy to communicate, have fun and try new things together, you arm yourself against the best a cheating partner.

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You know that, you see a name and have no idea, but after a brief teaching session on Google you see someone has 1.4 million followers. We had that with Bryana Holly. The Miami girl who has been working for Lurelly Lingerie and their new line of lingerie. His photographs of shot and we obviously cast it in an overview here. Nice! bh_1_clean_800 bh_2_clean_800 bh_3_clean_800 bh_4_clean_800 bh_5_clean_800 bh_6_clean_800 bh_7_clean_800 bh_8_clean_800 bh_9_clean_800 bh_10_clean_800 bh_11_clean_800 bh_12_clean_800 bh_13_clean_800 bh_14_clean_800